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I was together, and then I fell apart.


This isn't a dream, but it is symbolism all the same.

Often, the symbols and imagery that come to me are not through dreams but through my own journals, so I hope that it's okay that I'm posting this.

I was looking at old photos of myself, and that above sentence "I was together, and then I fell apart" is what came to me.
I have a very fractured sense of self, and I guess that something in the picture made me feel that I was together at that point.
Does anyone have any exercises or explorations that one could do to try to...er...put oneself back together again? I know that things fell apart for me gradually ever since high school (addictions, loss of sense of self, disappointment)...but I do want to connect myself to myself again.
Broad question I know, but therapy has not helped. I know that I have to look inwards and so going to other sources isn't aiding me.
Any suggestions?

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Re: I was together, and then I fell apart.

We at the Dream Forum, being devoted to the philosophies of Carl Jung, believe in the process of 'Individuation'. Not everyone is capable of using this method of 'inner' exploration but with your keen sense of developed imagery of symbols, it may be what the doctor never prescribed. Those fractured aspects that you are attempting to put back together have roots and when you discover the roots you discover a healing agent within your own self. But what may be required is an identication with some other experiences of other people. Mythology is a great possibility for anyone who can see the language beyond the symbols. Myths are the universal experiences and to identify one or myths may be what you need in your search for wholeness.

How do you go about this search? Hopefully the pages at Myths-Dreams-Symbols can provide that answer. Start with the link above and explore the other pages and links I have created at MDS. And if there are questions you can post them at the Dream Forum where you will find others who are undergoing the same process.


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