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Multi-personality Doll

Can anyone help me with this dream? ...i'm lost!

I had been gone for about 2 weeks on business and was staying at the cabin when I arrived back. While i was gone, I left my son in the care of my grandma. My grandma was bitching me out about not being a good mother as soon as I got back, which I ignored because I had heard it so many times before and knew it wasn't true.

I remember arriving home and noticing that the flowers I had planted in the garden were dying and had been stomped on. I didn’t pay much attention until I got to the door. I had two people with me – one was a guy. They were both friends.

On the door, there was a note. I can’t remember what it said exactly, but someone was threatening to kill me if I didn’t stop neglecting my responsibility. Immediately, I thought of my son – but there was no neglect there.

I went into the cabin and noticed that there was another cabin RIGHT beside my grandma’s now.

It turns out, my grandma had left my son there by himself for a week and the girl in the closest cabin had been looking after him. I was horrified that she would do such a thing and then I remembered the note and it made sense.

Somehow I found myself in the cabin next door. There was a doll sitting on the chair and the girl talked through the doll, but only the doll’s eyes moved. I was scared, but I kept talking to this doll. She had different personalities and they kept switching. So I was talking to one person, then a minute later – another person. All but one hated me. Finally, the little girl came into the room and the doll’s eyes closed. The little girl had told me that I should stop fucking around with all these other people and pay attention to my son. I told her that I was doing the best I could and that I had trusted my grandma to take care of him while I was out of town, but she had failed to do that.

Finally, I was outside and I had the doll with me. The doll was now conversing with me again and I was walking into the cabin. The girl I was with was already in the vehicle, but the guy was telling me to hurry up because they were going to leave me there if I didn’t. They were telling me to put the doll down, but I couldn’t do it. I was fascinated by her many personalities and I wanted to know more. Finally, I ended up putting the doll down and telling her I would be back later and hurried away.

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Re: Multi-personality Doll

What is your age & do you actually have a son? Both of these factors are important to the interpretation.

Many thanks,

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Re: Multi-personality Doll

Hi, Kathy. Thanks for the reply.
I am 24 and yes, I do have a 4 yr old son.

Any ideas?

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Re: Multi-personality Doll

Hi Bev,
Thank you for the additional information. The following interpretation could be close or then again not. An interpretation can provide a dreamer with possibilities that through further examination the dream message will become clearer. Look for the Aha! feeling, and don’t hesitate to let your thoughts flow into other areas as you mull the dream and interpretation.

Possibly this dream describes a conflict between meeting social duties and responsibilities and the time needed to realize your dream. Perhaps an external attitude projected by another on to you or an unconscious internal attitude residing within you. Either being a feminine higher authority. The flowers could be your ideas of what you wanted in life, personal fulfillment and/or achievement. As you prepare to pass a threshold, you encounter a barrier, something which you believe has destroyed achieving the goal. Perhaps you’ve (unconsciously) an attitude or realization the time required to achieve your dreams takes away from the time needed to fulfill duties and responsibilities. This may trigger feelings of ‘guilt’ or neglect.

The new cabin could be where you go to work through this conflict, a meeting place within, to develop a new attitude or realization. Creating your own inner authority, rather than relying on an external learned authority.

The external/learned authority may evoke the guilt complex to pull you back to social duty. Perhaps a measure of self defeating action…

Perhaps you are afraid to voice your true feelings about the situation, (ventriloquist…), fearing deception. The inner perception of the situation, who do you believe, perhaps you’ve sought guidance from others (friends, family, associates) yet this adds confusion rather than clarity. Or these are the different roles you play, the ego masks we develop, we all have played..mother, daughter, friend, sister, boss, etc. The little girl would be your true inner self, which directs you to look inside, to your true inner Self for the answer rather than outside

Yet a masculine society threatens loss, you’re being left behind if you don’t continue to bow to social duty as before. The inner Self desires to explore the many aspects of Self, to know the true Self, which leads to Self fulfillment and living the dream. Yet you set this aside bowing to social duty intending to return someday to this exploration and the dream.

Please respond with your thoughts. If this interpretation is not close with your feedback we can examine it again. If it is close, again, with your feedback we may get closer.

Kind regards,

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