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A crazy dream I had last night

Okay I had probably THE set of wackiest dreams I ever had. Everyone in the world had to take a test. It was in an old classroom (around the 70s but it looked modern). The teacher was old and the test was based on a children's book (it looked like something out of Dick and Jane). If you passed it, you were okay but it turned out I failed it. I was put in hand cuffs and taken on a huge battle ship down long stairs, pushed around. Jimmy Carter was president in my dream and he was there. Then the next dream came...
I somehow ended up back in my house. The thing was our house was bigger and the property was huge. We had a farm and a large creek and outside the house had tiny houses of rooms in a row (at least 20 or so) around the property. We were having some big party and somehow P. T. ends up in my dream. He talked about about how happy he was that he passed the test and I envied him. This isn't the first time he has ended up in my dreams. I had two or three dreams back to back a few months ago we were talking on the phone. The thing is he always looks like what he does now. He never looks younger. We went upstairs to my parents room and we were cuddling. It was different from my actual parents room. It had a raised roof, the whole room was made of wood. It also had a big fan on the top of the raised ceiling. I just remember how good it felt. I usually NEVER have dreams where I was doing anything on a close level with guys in my dreams besides a kiss maybe. We did this for a while and then he decided maybe we should under the farm house.We walked around for a bit and this was a HUGE party. A lot of friends he knew but I didn't were there and you could smell BBQ all over the property. Everyone was having such a good time. The thing with the farm house was that it had lifts and so it was like a boardwalk but under a barn. The stream was next to it. P.T decided to go and pet this huge snake that lived in our creek. The difference was with this snake it looked like an anaconda but the thing was it was really fat and pink, like a Jabba the Hut but a giant snake with teeth like a human but bigger and sharper. Well he was petting it and I was telling him he should stay away from it. Well all of a sudden, it jumped out of the water and started to tear at P.T. I started to scream and the last thing I remember was that all of this blood fell all over the place and then I realized I was covered in his blood. I started to scream and then I woke up and it was 10:30. I was covered in sweat.
P.T. by the way is a guy who I have had a major crush on for the past couple of months . He is YEARS older then me but I have not been able to get him off my mind.

Hope someone can help

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Re: A crazy dream I had last night

Hi Katie,
Perhaps a fear of failure prevents you from realizing your true potential. At 17 many changes occur during the growth and maturity phase in transformation to adulthood.

Possibly this fear, a result of past hesitations and problems in life, prevent you from moving forward in determining your true direction. It keeps you 'locked' below. The challenge is to not draw back or turn away from your potential. While you may now experience uncertainty in direction, listening to your inner self will provide the guidance you seek and your purpose will come to you. And the (re)birth of your Self into the new form then comes fostering the positive and life fulfilling transformation to adulthood.

While the snake and blood may appear negative, in the East both are symbols of life. The mature reaches out for this transformation, it is a normal stage of life. And so is the fear at this change. There is pain, in both leaving behind aspects of young life and assimilating new adult aspects. Yet are necessary and lead to a rebirth, an ending and a beginning. One way to look at the pain or anquish that can accompany this transition...it is present either way, in transforming or not transforming. Experienced in transformation this leads to an awakening and positive growth. Experienced in defying transformation leads to undevelopment and stagnation.

Hope this helps. Let me know your thoughts.

Many regards,

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