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recently deceased beloved father in bathtub

I dreamed last night that i suprised my father in the bathtub, bubbles covering his nudity, he was healthy and happy. it was his bathroom, in the house i grew up in and my mother still lives in. he was a litle bigger than i remember in life, as if youth had been restored. he was smiling as i was so suprised to see him in his old bathroom. he was holding his hand out like i was supposed to hand something to him, i think i took a washcloth out of the cabinet and was holding it, it was maroon. he didn't really need anything handed to him, i have the impression he was just waitng there to suprise me. i never saw my father undressed even, so it was odd to speak to him in the bathroom, especially in the bath, which as far as i know he never used, being a shower person.i never passed the doorway, just stood a respectful distance. i asked him if everything was going to be alright.i was referring to my life, my troubles. he said no at first, then his beautiful smile, and said, yes. there was more that he said, but i forgot already even tho i just woke. i was suprised he said no first. i wish i could remember what he said after yes.

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Re: recently deceased beloved father in bathtub

Hi Lydia,

I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is one of the most difficult passages we make. If I recall correctly from a prior post you were also displaced by the hurricane & temporarily living in Texas? If so, I’m glad you made it home to New Orleans. On a personal level the beginning of the dream may simply be a vehicle of your grief experience. That your father remains within you, within your deep unconscious (bathtub) as well as your conscious. This may surprise you, that he remains a part of your being. On a deeper level, your father may represent father as the ‘God’ image, an inner male aspect, where you seek answers to life’s questions, the troubles you experience. The answers you received may represent an inner knowledge, that perhaps not at the moment, but everything changes, so perhaps the message is…

"Life is a cycle, always in motion, if good times have moved on so will times of trouble!" Indian Proverb

I, too, am often unable to recall the ‘solution’ given in a dream. It seems as if the most crucial part is the hardest to recall. Although when this occurs, I ‘feel’ it within, as though it was absorbed or assimilated in some fashion that didn’t require it becoming fully conscious. And the unconcious will present this in other dreams, when the conscious is ready to receive it. So it is not lost, it will return in a future dream.

What are your thoughts on the dream?

Kind regards,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 44 Central OH

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Re: recently deceased beloved father in bathtub

Thank you for replying. Tis the season for dreams. He was a joker, a mischevious soul with a safe, beautiful smile. He was just urging me on in my endeavors in his usual gruff way. It was great to see him, and he startled me as he liked to do in life. He was happy. In retrospect it was light hearted and a pleasant suprise. If only I could remember the "instructions".


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