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a funeral of deceased grandmother(deceased 24 years now)

We were at my grandmothers funeral. My mom was doing eulogy, granny was sitting up and my mom checked to see if her eyes were open.

One of my sisters were sitting in front of me and another beside me. Granny was watching us. My sister went and gave her a kiss and granny moved her head to return kiss. Alot of family members who I have not seen for a very long time were there but in the background.

Dream switched to grocery at that time, we were buying meat and vegitables .
Next second switched to a daycare where I was caring for a baby pig.???? and a tiny little girl.

I was discussing my dr.s wife with a family member of my husbands at this time, cannot remember what conversation was about but know it had to do with my doctor and his wife.

This dream woke me and left me feeling very uneasy. My daughterinlaw is due to have her second child anytime now and my favorite Aunt is on her deathbed as well...am I reading too much into this dream??

We were feeding the piglet pears and potatoes.

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Re: a funeral of deceased grandmother(deceased 24 years now)

Most likely you are reading too much into the dream but the the uneasy feeling when you awoke probably needs to be explored. The fact that your favorite aunt is near death may be related to past emotions associated with your grandmother's death. The feelings of the impending loss may be partially a cause for this dream. But the dream may be addressing deeper emotions, feminine aspects that may need more examination. Being at that mid-life stage you may be dealing with deeper emotional stress related to that as much as with death of a close family member. Onew function of dreams is to help provide balance in your emotional life.

What strikes me about the dream is not only an impending death but also a new birth. In your waking life there is the impending death of your favorite aunt, and at the same time an expectation of a new baby from your daughter-in-law. This is a common motif in mythology, with death comes new birth. Myths are the about universal emotions, patterns we all possess that tend to present themselves at a certain stage in life. Your death and new birth may be as much about mid-life issues and stresses as they are the emotional issues of your favorite aunt's impending death {a negative} and the positive emotions of the new baby. Dreams tend to address more than one issue in your current life.

Caring for a baby pig may represent having to do with the unpleasant emotions, your aunt's dire state at a time of the new birth of your new grandchild. Even though there is the unpleasant emotions that must be dealt with, the daycare, the positive aspect in your life, is the birth of 'a tiny little girl'. The dream may be trying to get you to focus on the positive and not the negative. Meat and vegetables are a good balance, perhaps that is what you need to be shopping for, not only with the emotional aspects of your aunt and new baby but also in your emotional life at mid-life. Perhaps you need to be less concerned about the meat {aging body} and provide better nourishment to your emotional state of mind {pears and potatoes}.

Have you had issues with the mid-life thing? As I already stated, the dream may be as much {or more} about these issues than those waking issues confronting your life at the current time.


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