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Naked Boyfriend, protecting

I have alot of nightmares and alot of dreams but this is by far the most deep. I've been with someone who I plan on being with forever, dated him for about a year and half now. but I had this dream that.. I was in a restraunt with him and my family. This wasn't any ordinary restraunt, the people who worked there gave you this attatched objects you somewhat through and people ever so gently and if it hit them they dissapeared kindof an illusion. Of course they eventually came back. Don't get me wrong, that may have sounded odd but its a dream correct? So my boyfriend gets hit and he never returned. I was looking all over searching for him and I saw huge blankets in a wine glass. I thought that was odd. but then this lamp shade that must have been 7feet tall was moving, everyone noticed and a little girl appeared. she must of dissapeared as well. But to my instincts I looked inside and there was my boyfriend laying there, shivering and naked. I wrapped my arms around him holding him making sure he was alive, kissing him, crying everything. I know how insecure he was and my mom starts laughing, grabbed the blankets and yelled for people to call 911. his clothes were lying next to him, somewhat appeared out of know where and i tried putting his clothes back on so people didn't see his naked body. I was so frazzled to let people see him because i care so much about him. then I woke up from my dream crying.. I don't know what it means but it scares me. hellllp!?

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Re: Naked Boyfriend, protecting

since your dreams often turn to nighmares I suggest we look to the deeper implications of the dream. The dream may be addressing fears about your current relationship, a fear that it may end, because of past experiences in your life. I can't determine from this dream what those deeper aspects may be. Insecurity may be a part of those aspects the dream is trying to address, your own insecurities. Those too may involve past experiences in your life.

Since you use boyfriend in a generic way I would ask if there have been past experiences with boys {or men} where there you thought there was security in the relationship but found there was not. This could be from earlier childhood and you may not actually remember the whole of the relationship. The fear seems to be about losing the security in life that you seek.

What was your relationship with your father like?


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