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Mountain/Car Dream

Had a dream that after a long and arduous journey that lasted way too long, I had reached the top of the mountain. I saw a car and entered it as the driver. I started to go down the mountain slowly but the car started to speed up. The car started to go faster and faster. I tried applying the brakes but they would not work. There were no trees in the way, just some bunny jumps from sloping upward earth.

I would interpret the mountain as reaching a goal. The car would be symbolic of my life. The speed of the car means that the speed at which the changes coming will be fast and furious. Probably, somewhat out of my control but known the less, harmless.

What does anyone else think?

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Re: Mountain/Car Dream

Although by reaching the top of the mountain may symbolize a goal that has been achieved, perhaps the mountain in this dream is more about your life as a whole as much as it is about achieving just one goal. You may have reached a pinnacle in your life and now that you have reached that desired place you find you are not as in control as you planned. At 36 you are at that beginning of the mid-life stage where you begin to question what is important in life. The sloping upward earth may symbolize a need to be more grounded to other things, natural things such a creative or the spiritual aspect. If you proceed in the second half of life as you did the first perhaps you will no longer feel as if you have control of those nartural aspects. If there are no trees then perhaps there is too little room in your life for the personal growth that one should look for as you grow older, and wiser.


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