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Talking to deceased father

My father died 22 years ago (no love loss there). Last nite I dreamed of him, and I (we) talked, although I can't remember the conversation. There was also a part where I was told he was dying and I would have to fly to be there with him (I hate flying). After I got to him, I can remember the conversation being "snippy" and I had the feeling he was trying to control me or being disapproving, so I ended up trying to avoid/hide from him.

So whats it mean to talk to and have a deceased father talk back to you???

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Re: Talking to deceased father

What you are doing is talking to yourself. Dreams help, and often insist you in working through emotional issues. You father in your dream may, and if the relationship was indeed snippy, probably is representing your true relationship with him. There may be lingering issues that are now affecting you. There may have been a simulus, someone brought him up in a conversation, that gave reason for you to have this dream. Also, at mid-life we tend to look back at our past and those important experinces will be remebered and thought about. Those that have not been properly addressed {I too have no love loss with my now deceased father} will come back for further investigation and seeking a resolution.

There are other possibilities that may have little or nothing to do with your father. I think not so let's focus on the above first. Personal experiences, something that the dream may be addressing from your waking life that had an influence, the dream could be addressing that. If so then not knowing you personally makes it harder to interpret the dream. But there is most always an answer, or something that fits the dream and your actual life {of which the dream is a part}.


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