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I have no idea what this means.

The dream was a long, fractious one, but it is one portion of it that i'm particularly interested in getting to the bottom of.

I was in the examining room of a morgue with my (dream) husband and a kind androgynous voice (I never saw the person). The voice was narrating the dream to me, explaining what was happening and, I think, because of that I didn't feel afraid of being in the small dimly lit room that looked more like a sports locker room than a medical facility.

In the centre of the room, my husband was carefully studying a partially decomposed corpse that was lying on a metal post-mortem slab. It was that of an older woman, perhaps in her fifties, and she was extremely skinny - it seemed that her body fat had broken down so that her now bluish purple skin was covering the bones so that they jutted out. The voice explained to me - I say voice, but I always had the feeling that it was coming from someone just out of sight but that my husband was unable to percieve it - that the man had been working on a cure for death, and that the corpse was his mother.

Time passed, and I just watched him, fiddling with the corpse as though it were a car; he worked in silence but hurredly was though he was running out of time. He didn't seem to be aware of my presence, as with the voice, although I knew that he had brought me there for some purpose.

As the dream went on, I began to wonder why I was there, and all of a sudden had a realization that felt like it was coming from me, but was in the sounds of the voice. I realized that I was dead too, but more recently so and that my husband was trying to save me but he was experimenting on the corpse of his mother so he got the procedure right.

I panicked because I didn't remember dying, and had thought that I was able to move around only to find at this point of the dream that I was immobile and also on a metal slab. At this point I groaned uncontrollably, air escaping from my body, and my stomach depressed as though I had been bloated before, and I began to look skinny like the corpse of his mother. (at this point I had a double perspective, I was able to feel myself in my body but see the scene as though a bystander). But I could feel my heart beating in my chest, and with a huge amount of effort lifted my hand up and put it over my heart and found I was right, it WAS beating.... and I began to scream i'm alive, i'm alive!

(at this point the room melted away and I found myself in a different 'scene')

I was in the waiting room of a very old fashioned doctor's surgery, waiting for results for my check up - as I wasn't dead afterall, I had decided to go to the doctors to see what the matter was. My (dream) grandmother was with me (she was nothing like my real grandmother who is very solemn and unemotional), fussing over me and trying to be helpful when she was really just getting in the way. I was filling out a form and she kept distracting me, so I asked her to leave and told her i'd meet her later.

I was called into the doctors office and I asked him as I was walking in, "are the results ok?" to which he replied, "no, they're not good, not good at all." The few seconds that followed seemed like hours, everything was happening in slow motion but my thoughts were in real-time and I convinced myself that I was about to be diagnosed with AIDS.

Everything snapped back into reality once I had sat down and the doctor asked me if I remembered a party that I had been to a few years ago when I had had an unprotected one night stand (in my dream!), and told me that he'd found out that the guy i'd slept with had clamydia, as did I now, and that I wouldn't be able to have children.

I woke up at this point. Strange but I wonder if there's a deeper meaning to it or if it is just my mind rambling?

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Re: I have no idea what this means.

PS - I am not married in real life, nor have I had an STD (though I did once have a scare) or any serious illness however, at the moment I have a sore throat and an eye infection related to it, which has meant that i'm sleeping a lot lighter than usual.

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Re: Re: I have no idea what this means.

Hi Dannidoo

This dream is narrated from the perspective of the witness - an impartial part of you that can observe impartially.

Below is one possible interpretation of your dream - how does this fit with your current life ????

This dream may be showing you how you will become if you continue to live the way you are. Don't get me wrong we, will all die ,,, rather 'all the fat had broken down' ,,, skinny - not volumptuous.

Are you running your life from the analytical? Dissecting it, looking for reasons ,,
Does living this way deflate you - drain you of energy ? Does it feel like a 'cold', and possibly dead way to live ?
With a huge amount of energy ,,, you realise that you are in fact still alive.
The hand - one of our major ways of feeling in life, of gaining the SENSORY information.
The heart beating ,,,,, you may feel like you are dead (a zombie is another common dream theme) yet you are not.

Ah the scene changes - to one of healing - the presence of your grandmother (was this you mothers grandmother ? although not the 'real' one ,,,) may symbolise where the healing is for you - in the lineage of feminine aspects - not those of your biological grandmother (who was unemotional and unfeeling ,,,, do I need to connect the dots here - I'll leave that to you).
Or is the feminine 'getting in the way' of you completing what you were sent to Earth to do ,, one of the purposes of your life (creation).

I have interpreted your dream initially in a linear manner - that is, just as you have written it - and so it may be somewhat fragmented. Now having read to the end of your post I think you may be wanting a more overall unifying theme ? ,,,, I think that may require you to look at the dream again, what I have written and how / if / where this interpretation resonates for you.

On the overall theme - I think this dream describes your current state of attitudes and balance of masculine and feminine. This may also be reflected in your attitudes and feeings towards sex - and concerns that relate to your ability to have children. In a symbolic sense (and dream is usually working on multiple levels), having children can represent your ability to give birth to what is inside you !! So this ties with the dead, skinny woman ,,,,

Keep us posted and it may be possible to unravel the meanings of this dream further.

Take care, all the best

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