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Remembering Dreams

Hello everyone.

I have a quick and general dream question regarding the ability to remember dreams. Recently I tend to wake up around 3-4 a.m. with one or two extremely detailed dreams and as I’m going over the details of the dream, I fall back to sleep only to then have completely forgotten them by the time I wake up. I used to be able to remember 3-4 dreams in any given night. I’ve tried leaving my journal beside my bed to write down these early morning dreams. But the one time I attempted it I couldn’t get back to sleep – and I had to wonder if it was worth the loss of sleep.

Does anyone have any suggestions or practices that they would be willing to share regarding retention of dreams?

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Re: Remembering Dreams

Instead of a journal, replace it wth a cassette recorder. Keep it within reaching distance so you do not disturb your sleeping position {any movement tends to help lose dream contents}. Lie in the same position and state the dream into the recorder. This should help you put your dreams into words and the next morning it may stimulate you to remember the dream. At least it will be put into words so you can analyze it.

I am a strong proponet of plenty of sleep and rest. If this process interfers with your sleep in a way that affects your overal functioning, don't worry about trying to keep a record of your dreams. If the dreams are so important you will tend to remember them. And although you may not be able to analyze your dreams, dream sleep in itself is a function of self theraphy, sorting out the conflicts in life. The old saying, 'you always feel better after a good night's sleep'. It is not an old wive's tale, it is fact. It is a process the psyche uses to help heal the emotional, and often the physical, wounds we encounter in life.


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