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Teeth Falling Out at Work

Hi there --

These dreams that I'm having are becoming more and more disturbing as time progresses, as I've had them before, but never in such a sequential order (I've had two) or so close in nature, so maybe it's best that I start at the beginning and explain everything.

Now I work as a bookseller in a major retailer, and in the front of our store, we have a customer service booth, where we keep our computers to help the patrons. In the first dream, I walked into the information booth and found one of my co-workers trying to sort some deal or something out with this slightly goofy-looking mafia type. Somehow it was understood that if my co-worker did or said anything that would upset this guy, the mafia type would shoot his gun. And of course, the co-worker did. He acknoweldged me as I walked in, I got an understanding of what was happening. The co-worker said something to the mafia thug, and the mafia thug turned and shot me dead in my chest. I fell back to the floor, and mind you, the entire store was filled with people, so they could see what was happening, and they stared and all, but no one offered to help. My co-worker looked at me apathetically, explained to me what was happening -- that we were supposed to be bargaining with this mafia guy -- and he left me there, wound and all.

I wasn't bleeding profusely, but I remember that my teeth were rattling a lot, and my body ached. I got up and I went to the mafia guy with his gun, and we went back to the bargaining. We eventually worked out something -- my mind racing about how I was going to possibly explain being shot to my dad, who'd be furious, but just the same knowing that this situation would mean that I'd at least have some time off -- and when it was all said and done, the mafia guy looked at me a little concerned, and told me, "Don't you wanna sit down somewhere? I mean, because, I did just shoot you..." But I smiled and told him I was going to do my job, and that didn't matter. And he said alright. When I finished, I limped out the information booth, made it into the bathroom, thought I should call for help, and then felt all my teeth vomit out of my mouth pearly white into the sink. That was where most of the aggravation was, in my mouth, from the start, and that dream ended.

But you see, just this morning, no more than about 30 minutes ago, I had another dream. This time I was in the cash office with a manager who had some kind of weird robot gizmo that was supposed to shoot anything that seemed suspicious (bear with me, here) or anything that seemed like a problem, or a threat. The first thing this robot thing did was shoot me dead with a laser in my mouth, and I felt my teeth get shattered, but I played it cool and stayed behind and watched this laser shoot other things in the parking lot. It shot a suspicious looking carriage, birds, cars I think, and a few others. And when I couldn't watch anymore I went to the garbage can to spit up, because my mouth was leaking strange black-brown fluid and rotting teeth. I saw that and was horrified, ran into the bathroom, and spit up into the sink, and saw brown-black fluid and decaying teeth falling out my damn mouth...

I have a sneaking suspicion what all this means, as I've become in real life horribly disenchanted with my job, and that it is a sign to quit ASAP. But why the teeth? What does this mean? Someone please help with any comments.

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Re: Teeth Falling Out at Work

Hi Tommy

Well I think you have the jist of these dreams ,,,

When dreams we have become more dramatic or notable - it is like someone being at the front door and knowing we are home but cannot hear them - they will knock harder, call our name ,,,, trying to get our attention. When we let them in, the dreams settle

The location of both dreams is your work - that says something.
The themes are same - injury / injuries to you.

Reflecting on YOUR associations of a mafia-type guy ,,,, do they use intimidation, scar tactics, fear of death ? - may help you understand something that is holding you back from doing what you want.
I suspect that there is some other type of work that your heart would rather do, yet a part of YOU (using the tactics of the mafia guy) is holding you back. You are trying to 'strike a bargain' with this part of you ,,,,, is that really possible ??? Do you think it is possible to strike a deal with a mafia type guy?

One way out of work is to get sick ,,, get the sympathy vote and have people cut you some slack ,,,, do you use these methods to lessen the pain that you feel - and in so doing justify to yourself what you are doing (to yourself) ?
I suspect that you do not let others know that you are feeling this way / feeling these things ,,,, (remember shot in the heart ?, not much blood to be seen).

The teeth may represent parts of you that you thought were permanent / that should be permanent / that are part of your adult body structure. IN doing what you are doing you may be giving up a parts of you that can serve you well for the rest of your life.
The mouth is, again, a very sensitive part of us. It helps to represent us to the world, and EXPRESS what we want / need / feel.
At present, despite the injury that you are doing to yourself, you are standing by watching the damage to you + your life.
It may be difficult for you to express what you want / need / feel.

Do you want to 'go the the garbage can' of life ?

Well there you have it Tommy, this is a no nonsense interpretation of your dreams, but I think you are up to it - the dreams suggests it - you leave the garbage can ,,, and go to the bathroom - to clean up ,,,,

We have some big choices to make in life - one is how we will support ourselves. Yet underlying this seemingly simple question is a much more fundamental question - are we daring enough to live our dreams? We may not know just what that is, but if we slip into something that is not right for us because 'we should' or because it is the safe option, sooner of later we realise that we have shot ourselves in the heart ,,,,

Thanks for including your insights of the dreams, and siting a relevance to your current life situation.

All the best

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Re: Teeth Falling Out at Work

And you know what Justin? I have a sneaking suspicion that you are right.

I've been terribly anxious for some time now, and it's gotten to the point where this anxiety is beginning to make itself most known at work, which is the last thing I wanted. I'm a writer, but have more or less been blocked for the past two years or so, and things got particularly bad when I accepted my current full time position at work, which meant no free time to write, and no free time to go to school. I simply couldn't afford it; I had bills. But there's this restlessness that I can't seem to shake, and clearly, under my nose, I must have become extremely frustrated, especially at work, which is why all the dreams are happening there. I feel as if I'm losing my creativity, like I'm becoming some kind of a shadow... not the mention all the other myriad issues going on while on the clock with failed personal relationships, jealousies, missed intimacies and rivalries, not even feeling as if I'm compotent enough to handle my position, etc, etc. The teeth are about self expression, I think, but with them falling out, it's like I can't seem to communicate, and I always thought my creativity would be with me forever, like you said, the teeth being about something that's permanent, and I'm watching it rot away, and not doing anything about it....

I am particularly taken aback by the notion that the mafia man is somehow a metaphor for another part of myself, because it's astounding... The Mafia Guy has to be some part of myself, wouldn't he...? He's probably some representation of a more phallic (the gun), basic drive telling me to take some action, be more active! "Wake up!" and all that. Or he could also be an image of the sorts of calamities my current position is affording me, while I stand by and allow it to happen. That's what I originally thought of him as.

Whatever. I went into work yesterday and put in my notice to resign.

Justin, thank you so much for your thoughts. They were a much needed jolt to reality.

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