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Dream 1: My boyfriend and I go to Minervas (a restaurant that I used to bartender/serve at several years back) with an application looking for jobs. (Te entire restaurant looked completely different.) As soon as I got there some customers needed drinks so I immediately (wearing my old uniform all of a sudden) tied and apron around my waist and began helping. Shortly after the manager (a woman I’ve never met before) came over to me and asked me who I was and what I was doing. I told her that I came for a job and that I noticed these people who needed help and just decide to jump in. I gave her my resume and the apron and left the building. Outside she came rushing over to me and asked me who I had helped since they had left without paying. I looked around but didn’t see them and told her that.

Dream 2: My boyfriend had just moved to Santa Clara (or some similar place in CA) and in the dream I think that this is the place I’ve always dreamed of living. In actuality, I’ve never even considered moving to Santa Clara but anyway. Then I walk into the apartment we’re renting which is more like a studio. I think that the place is small and that the kitchenette is insufficient but that it will have to do until we get settled and can move to a bigger place. I do make note that we have a great view and lots of light.

[At this point, I woke up and went back to sleep again. I read that Jung thought it important to pay attention to sets of dreams.]

Dream 3: There is an androgynous individual waking around the street yelling out an indiscernible sound over and over again (not a word, just a sound). A friend of mine, Jessica, (who I met working at the above restaurant, Minervas) is standing beside me and informs me that city pays this woman (at this point I realize that the person is a woman) $15,000/year to just walk around and yell. I don’t know what to think or how to respond to that. Next we (Jessica and I) are sitting with a group of girls and chatting – about what I don’t know. I’m not really paying attention but watching the woman scream. Then Jessica points to two men sitting at a table about ten feet from us and tells me those guys were really rude to her. I ask her if she wants me to settle the score and she tells me to be careful that they are dangerous but before I even head her warning I get up and walk over to them. On my way over to them I pick up a chair at a nearby table and begin smashing them both with the chair. This has almost no affect on them. So I throw it at the neck of one the men which causes him to bleed. Then I realize they are probably going to come after me and I run and suddenly enter the house I grew up in.

I run around the corner and pull a 45 caliber handgun (from where I don’t know) and load the cartridge which is in my left pant pocket. Then an old woman comes around the corner with a gun in her right hand and so I shoot her but she keeps walking towards me. The gun disappears and a cell phone appears in her left hand. She holds the cell phone up towards me and I tell her that I shot her and she’s dead so she falls down. Now a bunch of people start coming around the corner and walking down the hall that I’m waiting in and so I just start shooting them all. One shot each and they fall down and disappear. Then I walk further down the hall and into a doorway (which used to be my brothers’ room) so that I can gain more distance between the front door and myself. As I’m waiting an old man and woman come out the room across the hall that was my parent’s room (but they don’t look like my parents). The man is holding a glass of red wine and I shoot him. The woman suddenly disappears along with the man. Then the guys come in through the front door and I shoot them and think I did pretty good.

[Now I think I should mention that in this dream I never felt any fear or anger. And I felt like I was playing one of those shooting games. And when I woke up I started laughing about the nature of the dream. I swear I’m not going postal!!! I believe I understand the basics of the dream but would like some additional opinions, especially any information about the numbers: $15,000/year and the 45 caliber gun.]

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Re: Postal?

Give me a day or so to look at these dreams. If Kathy, Justin or anyone else wishes to give an interpretation I encourage them to do so.


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