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Thanks GERARD,

I didn't know how to send a private message so I will post it here.... sorry..


I read most of it.... wow that's me...

QUOTE From the site:

Perhaps no one has experimented personally with dream control as much as
Alan Worsley, the inveterate lucid dreamer who can claim to be the first
to signal lucidity with eye movements in a sleep laboratory. First, a
comment from Worsley regarding voluntary and involuntary control in
dreams: "Non-lucid dreams use many principles that can be used in lucid
drams. For instance, it is likely, in a non-lucid dram, that if one
believes one looks into a book about a certain subject, one will find
relevant pictures in it. In lucid dreaming, one can use this principle
by deliberately selecting a book about a subject one wishes to study."

Worsley has tabulated his attempts to influence dreams. A complete table
of his results appears in Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain, edited by
Gackenbach and LaBerge. He rates the difficulty of various tasks as
Hard, Medium, and Difficult, based on the percentage of times he was
able to succeed at them. For example, he finds all attempts to penetrate
dream matter with his dream body to be easy. Making sounds by striking
things or speaking is easy. Reading single words or short phrases is
easy, but reading long sentences is hard. He was never able to suddenly
turn on a light in a dark room, although he was able to do so easily in
a light room. Flying close to the ground was easy, and got progressively
more difficult the higher he would try to go.

Alex comment:

I read that yoga helps control dreams I never used yoga before.. but I will read about yoga b/c it's intersted........


1. Light switch task...

I done it when I was abour 9 years old..

here is my story... I physicly turn on a switch and the light didn't come on... so I took a step back and then I though for a moment and made the light to come on.. with out touching the switch again in my dream...

I didn't try turning it off..

I will try doing the mirror task.. today I will tell you the results tomorrow.. When I was about 14 years old ... I though dreams were borring so some how I stop controlling my dreams until now... I am 24 years old... and this is a true story....

I might be of practice but I will let you know my results..

I don't have proofs tho..

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Re: Gerard

Sorry for not replying sooner. The social dragon has to be fed and it was very demanding the last several days.

Do keep us informed. Controlling your dreams with a proper understanding can lead to real self discoveries. There are those with special abilities beyond the norm {Edgar Casey an example}.

I am not one who puts a lot of time into lucid dreaming. I fear there may a loss of therapeutic value if dream structured is altered too extensively. And we must always remember to keep one foot planted firmly in reality or there can be a 'delusional' experience instead of one of discovery. Jung was a scientist first, and supplemented his studies/explorations with the metaphysical and the mystical possibilities. There were great discoveries from both. What we practice here, interpreting dreams and self discovery, are based on many of those discoveries.


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