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Goldilocks, 3 Bears and all their friends

Can someone PLEASE help me understand this dream?:

It was morning time (around 10'ish), I was at a track field in a single lap race against 'this girl'. To the right of the starting line was a huge tree (think 100 year-old variety, possibly oak), and next to it, a nearby picnic table. To the area on the right side of the table was a baseball dugout/concession stand/bleachers type of building (the real old kind) where the announcer sits to call out the game at the top or bottom, you can buy food tickets to the day's game in front, and the crowd watches on the bleachers on the back side with the home team's dugout below. Beyond that was a baseball field. In the center of the track was a large field, like one used for high school football practices, except there was no equipment, only pretty green grass. At the beginning of the race, I was full of confidence and ready to go. I was happy and excited (as I suspect one would be at the beginning of a race they believe will end in a swift victory.) We started off. Rounding the first curve, I was ahead, but after the second curve, we were neck and neck. I looked ahead and realized that this was an obstacle course. There was no way to go straight. I looked over to my right and noticed a small railed in doorway, slightly fenced (it's really hard to describe how the railing was fenced in on one or more sides, it was kinda fuzzy--just enough of a picture to make me realize I couldn't go over or around, I had to go under and through,) in with some downward leading stairs leading to the door. At this point I realized that I was wearing skates. I remember thinking that I would have the advantage now because this had been a foot race. Somehow, this didn't seem like cheating. I dipped under the railing and emerged on the other side (I don't recall ever using the steps, as a matter of fact, I think I jumped down and pulled myself up). I was skating with all my might around the third curve and had a slight lead. My heart was racing and I thought I was going to win, but just as we rounded the fourth and final curve, she switched to rocket skates and sped passed me on to the finished line.

I was about ten yards from the finish line as she crossed, so instead of going all the way to the line, with head hanging low , I went into the announcer booth/concession stand and began talking over my loss with the lady in the booth. Inside, it looked like a cafeteria of sorts, with tables to eat for the patrons and a walk-up service counter. I don't remember at all what she said, only that she was trying to console me the best way you can a stranger. I sat looking out a large picture window towards the track field when I felt as if I should go back out to the picnic table to sit and reflect over my loss.

I was sitting atop of the table (still sad) when all of a sudden fairy tale characters started parading pass me (it seemed like they were coming from somewhere around the tree. There was Alice in Wonderland, followed of course by the Mad Hatter, both of whom came to the table to join me, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan's friends continued the parade onward; there was a large float with Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, and Beauty from Beauty and the Beast on it. Hansel and Gretel, a Leprechaun (sp?) came next, followed by Baby Bear, who came and sat beside me on top of the table, Mama Bear, who came around behind me to sit on the bench at the table and Papa Bear who just stood there next to me. After them, Raggedy Ann and Andy came hopping along with a full parade of more characters from childhood stories (even the Stork flew by) for an even longer continuation of the parade. Me, Alice, and Baby Bear sat there and tried to point out all the characters we knew. We were having a good time. Baby Bear said he was sorry that I lost the race, but not to worry. He, Mama and Papa Bear hugged me as the last of the paraders passed by, and I felt better. Suddenly, I looked up a behold!! A rainbow was coming out of the tree!! I remember standing under the rainbow feeling all glad and lucky. Alice, the Mad Hatter and the Three Bears joined me under the rainbow.

After the parade and rainbow, we were distracted by sirens and police standing around a walled in dumpster (in the area of the third curve of the track). We (Me, Baby Bear, and Alice d'Wonderland) went to go see what was happening. We tried, but we could barely see between the wooden slats of the wall around the dumpster to see anything worthy of the commotion, but just noticed that there was a huge trash pit inside. I remember holding a teddy bear as Baby Bear said to me something to the effect of how glad he was that we weren't involved in what ever had happened. We walked back to the area of the picnic table to rejoin Mama and Papa Bear and the Mad Hatter.


I had that dream a while ago. But recently I have begun taking a new route home from work. I walk across our parking lot (very wooded and green) down some railed stairs, to go through a side door of a hospital next door to our office building. For the most part, the area is pretty fenced in. I begun taking this route to get to the train station on the other side of the hospital at the suggestion of a lady who works in my building as a cooler, more shaded and efficient route--and indeed it is. But just recently, they placed a huge dumpster near the hospital door. This morning, as I passed the dumpster, I looked between the panelled walls of it, and the dream popped in my head. I looked straight ahead and soon as I saw the stairs, full dream recall kicked back in and the dream was just as vivid as if I had just awaken from it.

This has been happening alot lately, my dreams from months and sometimes years ago are recalled instantly, triggered by a sight or smell, or conversation.

Please help me to find not only what these dreams mean, but also to know why they are being triggered so much lately.

(Also, the Old Large Tree and (less frequently) the Rainbow are often in my dreams as of late, always healthy big and full.)

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Re: Goldilocks, 3 Bears and all their friends

Hi Katchi,
Some quick thoughts on your dream…

The race and the obstacle course could be the life path, work achievement, Self work, etc. You have the tools to navigate the obstacles, just requires an adjustment. Roller blades? Circles in a row…cycles of life, one follows another, carries us along. The opponent’s rocket skates…advanced technology = advanced knowledge? Leaving unfinished, a higher feminine as the nourishing, caring of Self. Perhaps an examination of the nature of Self.
The parade of fairy tale characters could be the many lessons and morals we learn from the childhood stories. [some not congruent with Self] And possibly represent the fun, lighter side of life we sometimes lose in adulthood. The rainbow could represent joy, Self discovery, Self knowledge (the old tree).

The trash pile behind slatted walls…possibly that which prevents you from finishing the race. Accumulated negatives repressed (walls) in the Self. Police possibly authority or control.

The work mate’s advice and visual stimulus of the new dumpster…possibly synchronicity. Perhaps examine the time period of the dream and look for connections and similarities to your life now. Possibly looking to a new cycle of life triggers memories. Each cycle starts, exists and ends. There are comparative similarities of the cycles.

The old large tree…could it be the Tree of Life, the transcendence of physical to spiritual? Rainbows usually appear after a rain. Rain is a release of a build up, tension.

Look forward to your thoughts…
Kind regards,

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