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Lost child, lion boy

Here is another one. Had it last night.

I am in a zoo/amusement park
I was with family or doing something but I forget the details of the first part of the dream. In second part of dream I remember that my yungest (Jonathan) is missing. I begin to look for him, talk to park people and they begin to look. I forget his name and am yelling out Joe. I am in high up precarious places like girders with loose stuff laying around so have to be careful with foot placement. At find several other lost children but not Jonathan. At one point I am carying a boy in my arms but he is half lion and I am trying to ask his name but he does not want to tell me. A park person comes to me and tells me they found Jonathan and take me to him. He is in a church building and runs to me and I grab him and cry.
Part of what may have triggered this dream is my oldest (Ben-8) went to stay at a freinds house over night and as usual I hate to leave him.

Thats it. the meat has been tossed to the wolf pack. Lets see whats left when its all over.

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Re: Lost child, lion boy


This could be interpreted in several ways. The first could be a straightforward 'anxiety' dream. You worry about your boys when they stay over at friends houses as any parent would.

However certain aspects of your dream suggest the boy in your dream, while identifying with your son and the more conscious 'anxiety/parent' dream, would imply that its' part of your self that needs 'finding':
forgetting your son's name, losing him/searching for him and finding 'other lost children'. There are certain animalistic point too; zoo, lion etc
It could be that while your conscious mind is 'reminding' you of the real situation, your unconscious is using this real life fact to enable your to look at other areas of yourself.

'lost child' implies one aspect of what psychologists call your 'inner child'. ie a part of you that needs nurturing and attention. Lost implies your are searching for it, so it is obviously an important part of you. Lion sometimes suggest strength, but also a struggle that will need strength?
You cannot communicate with the child - you haven't connected with this part of yourself for so long there is no 'dialogue'. Also perhaps though, it may be a part of you that you have only just 'recognised'.
zoo, animals etc suggest a part of you from your deep unconscious and also natural instincts - like the desire to protect your own children.
Are you caught up in 'responsibility' as a parent that you are not enabling or even 'allowing' your own inner child and that part of yourself to be a bit 'wild' and play ( the lion)?

Re: Lost child, lion boy

Hi Chris,
Claire’s thoughts of the inner child wholly applicable to this dream. As dreams function on several levels a spiritual aspect to the dream could be present. Seemingly deep archetypical aspects to your dreams. With the personal information you provided previously the following interpretation may be relevant.

On a spiritual level the symbolism could speak to the Divine within. Perhaps the youngest son represents the Son, the Christ. as you are familiar through the born again Christian religion. It is fairly new to you. Others, in your congregation and in general, also seek to know this in their life, they too seek Christ. For many this spiritual search begins by looking to the external. This spiritual aspect of Self was unknown, forgotten, to be reconnected to. Perhaps the involvement with religion has resulted in raising above rather than grounding, an intellectual spirituality, where obstacles, rules originating not of Christ but of mankind, you can not reconcile in your spirituality. You must carefully navigate these to retain this position. The other lost children again could represent others in your congregation, those that walk the same path. In the context of this interpretation the lion child could symbolize: the Christ (Son of God, king) as natural part of the unspoiled Self, the true Self within AND the authority as interpreted (dogma) by man, those rules you must carry with you. We are both spiritual and human. Perhaps you must yet define this spiritual aspect within, based on your knowledge and understanding, not as defined by your religion. That the Divine is within you, you are the Divine, it encompasses all and everything. A desire to reunite with the inner spiritual aspect as the natural part of Self rather than the external as defined by man’s religion?

With this I would ask if you’re experiencing thoughts about the religion now dominate in your life? Do you now feel you truly found that spiritual aspect you sought? Or is there a small part of you that still searches, still seeks, feeling ‘something’ remains hidden, not yet fulfilled? perhaps to reunite with that inner spiritual?

Just a few thoughts…

Many thanks,

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." Teilhard de Chardin

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