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Weird dream

All I really can remember, what really stuck was seing my nephew calling a cat, And yes we have a cat, but it wasn't our cat. It was a white cat. It look humble and as it was getting closer to us I noticed it was missing a piece of meat near it's front leg, by it's chest kinda. You could see the bone and muscle inside, where the chunk was missing. It was not aggressive, or I was not scared, I was just grossed out so I chased it away.

Also the night before I dram of mini turtles. I wanted a fish tank and before I knew it, there was like a pool filled with fish(i didnt see any, though) and mini turtles. I was playing with them and just having a blast. The water was very clear, and I was so excited and in love with these little things. Finally I got out and was looking for a fish tank, when the phone woke me up :(

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Re: Weird dream

Hi Brenda

I could preface this reply with "what is your current feeling towards the femine parts of yourself?"

a masculine part of you that you identify with, calling a cat - a symbol of feminine; and a white cat as symbolic of the pure feminine / feminine purity.
But it is injured; had been injured - (you could see inside).

How does this relate to you ? That will require your reflection and thought.
Is the pure feminine of you wounded; and 'grosses you out' - indeed do you chase away the feminine within you because you find it gross ?

I think the dreams are suggesting it it time to wake up to your deeper aspects, and that you may well find that you fall in love with these parts of you.

that's a surprise ?

all the best

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