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Okay, weird dream that I’m totally baffled by. Anyone?

I’m in a room with another woman. Keep in mind there is no water although I am in a bathroom. Two sharks come after us – one attacks her and one attacks me. I fight the shark and after a few moments realize that I’m going to die. The shark has me by the neck and I can feel the blood draining from my body. I surrender to death and wait for the end. I look over and realize that the woman is dead and then I begin fighting even harder. The shark tries to bit off the middle finger of my right hand – which really makes me angry and so I fight harder. The second shark has come over to attack me as well at this point. I fight both sharks and manage to kill the second. At this point, I get away from the first and stand up.

Now the room has water about up to my calves. My kitten comes into the room and the shark goes after him nipping off a piece of one of his nails. This enrages me and I set him in a safe spot (the shark coming after him with increasing intensity) and determine to kill the shark no matter what.

Then I woke up shaking. And momentarily worried about where my cat was.

Interpretation? Obviously I’m fighting (as I do often in my dreams) an ever-changing opponent which I believe is a part of me. I am always working towards “individuation” and at times find myself ready to give up. And then I realize that I can’t. I can’t stop growing and I can’t stop seeking a fuller understanding, a complete acceptance and harmony within myself.

Is this dream as simple as that?

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Re: Shark

A bathroom suggest a room in a house (therefore a part of you)that is used to 'wash away', cleanse and purify. The state of the bathroom would suggest the state of the 'challenges' or troubles you have to deal with. Sharks represent threats, either real or imagined, in either our subconscious or conscious lives. There was another woman with you; another part of you? Was she in a friend, victim, agressor, stranger mode? The same attack happened to both of you - would this indicate the 'threat' is both psychically and in reality?

She died before you did - would this suggest a part of you , you are neglecting? You talk about 'fighting' rather than 'working through/towards' individuation? Is this other woman suggesting that there are other parts of your psyche to help and assist you, and that the journey towards individuation should be that; a fascinating and rewarding journey and not the intense, life-threatening struggle it appears to you and your subconscious at present? These are only ideas...

The shark bit off or tried to bite the middle finger in your right hand...
I'm not sure about any interpretation of this at present and would ask anyone else on here to help!..

Do you see yourself in a type of 'victim' mode at present - always having to 'fight off' potential attacks because you are working towards individuation?
Or do you simply need to adopt a gentler approach to yourself?

The kitten represents something to protect and also reinforces this idea of 'vunerability and outrage'

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Re: Shark

Wow, thanks Claire. You offered some really good thoughts. The other woman was a stranger. I’ll ponder the neglecting aspect. And yes I do tend to fight towards rather than work through individuation. I often try to remind myself to chill out. But this intensity, I believe is a defense mechanism I’ve built up over time and therefore almost instinctual at this point in my life – difficult to override? I believe it can be a useful part of my psyche but tempered. Let’s just say I’m always conscious of it and seeking balance. Not always easy?
Adopt a gentler attitude towards myself? Yes, indeed. This is a great way of putting it.

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