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walking with a native indian chief.

my sister-in-law told me of this dream she had...she was walking with her husband (my brother) in an area she called a out door concert with a stage but there where no other people besides her and her husband. they were in the middle of the stage when an native indian appeared. he was in full head dress and had some kind of animal paw print like a lion or bear paw on his left chest. then they were suddenly behind the stage, and walk down the sidewalk together with the indian chief walking in the middle, they were talking but does not remember the conversation. she is also half indian herself. could this be a message to her? she seemed to be bothered by this dream. please reply!

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Re: walking with a native indian chief.

Trying to connect the symbols in your dream, especially the Indian part and the outdoor concert, gives an impression your sister may be seeking balance somewhere within her life. Since she is walking with her husband he is a likely candidate for that balance. The absence of other people may represent an absence of compromising principles needed to achieve/find this balance. The native Indian could represent strong family ties {if to do with husband and seeking balance there, may involve family traditions, perhaps relating to marriage and divorce}. The head dress, in context of seeking balance with husband, may be the mating ritual she seeks from her spouse {has he become less romantic?}. The bear paw {or lion} may be the matriarchal symbol, she is seeking to leave an imprint of her desires/affections. Of course walking on the sidewalk together with the Indian in the middle, again perhaps an indication of seeking balance, or at least a middle ground in some aspect of her life {and perhaps to do with the relationship with her husband}.

On a deeper level the dream may be attempting to connect to a spiritual, creative or even nature itself. The dream does seems to be seeking to find balance somewhere in her life.


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