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Being Attacked

Hello Everyone,

I've had some very vivid/scary dreams lately and need some input. I'm going to post 2 dreams that happened within a couple of days of each other, b/c I think there is a connection.

Dream # 1
The dream begins with a young boy (maybe 10) who is driving a car, and his dad is in the front seat. I am not in the car, but my view is of someone sitting in the backseat. The boy is nervous and driving cautiously, and the dad is being very soothing and telling him that he's doing fine. They are driving on a street outside of my parent's neighborhood (where I grew up). The dad says, "Let's stop and buy your mom some perfume." They turn the car into strip-center parking lot.

The dream changes slightly. The people in the car change to: (i)my dad driving the car (68 yrs old), (ii)me in the front seat, and (iii) my roommate/best friend (who is pregnant in waking life) sitting in the backseat. As we turn into the parking lot, I instinctively know that something bad is about to happen.

It's nighttime and dark outside. The perfume store is closed, but for some reason we are still able to enter the store and look around, so we do. As we leave, there are 3 black men walking by and looking at us. We cross the parking lot, and I'm trying to get everyone to walk fast to the car. My dad starts to talk to the men, and I am instantly protective of him and suspicious of the men. My dad tells me something about doing a credit card scheme with them and how we can make some money. I am trying to hint to him that we should leave so I say, "do we have to do it right now?". One of the men senses that I am not going to cooperate and says to his friends, "maybe we should leave." The other two men say no and become angry and start to attack all three of us. They beat all three of us. There is a lot of blood, pain and screaming. They stop and the three of us get back into the car and one of the men (the one who originally wanted to leave) is sitting in the backseat with my friend. My dad is crying, b/c he knows that it's his fault that this happened. I begin to empty the contents of my purse into a plastic sack, and I hand the man my empty purse. End of dream.

Dream # 2
I'm in an unfamilar house in a bedroom. The door is shut. I know there is a snake inside the room. I have some sort of object, maybe like an egg or a garlic clove (something that I'm able to peel apart), that is snake food. I break a piece off and throw it onto the floor, knowing that the snake will come out of hiding to eat it.

The snake appears and it's orange (like a Dreamsicle). I look at the egg, and the inside is the same color. I break off a second piece, but this time I throw it in a different spot. As it lands, I realize that there is a cat in the room. B/c the food lands next to the cat, the snake wants to eat the cat instead. I panic and grab a long cylinder of wrapping paper to prevent the snake from biting the cat. After many tries, I succeed in saving the cat. But now the snake is angry and tries to attack me instead. I try to dodge the snake, which is about my height. I'm terrified. I wake up before anything else happens. The cat in the dream is one of the cats I had growing up.

1. I have felt very emotionally drained in the past 2 weeks, in addition to the feeling of something "being off". I'm not sure why...I'm not even sure if it's stress. But I have noticed a change in my demeanor and my energy level. I do not think this "off" feeling is hormonal. And I haven't decided if this feeling is good or not.
2. The dreams both have some kind of connection to me being attacked and trying to protect something else (my dad and the cat). Also, I'm guessing there is a connection to my being a child or a younger/vulnerable part of me, b/c of the cat and the scene in dream # 1 being in my parent's neighborhood.
3. Also worth mentioning, I've had several dreams about butterflies. In the most recent butterfly dream, I'm standing outside and there are hundreds of butterflies fluttering around me. There are so many of them that it's making me a little nervous. I notice that the some of the butterflies are beginning to die, and I watch as some of them drop to the ground in mid-flight.
4. Also, I read Gerard's posting about repressed sexual memories, and I recongize that there is a lot of symbolism in Dream # 2, along with other similar symbolism in some of my other postings. I am open to this possibility, but b/c I don't think that's it, I'm really looking for other possible scenarios.

Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Being Attacked

Hi drshell,
A few thoughts on your first dream...

An underdeveloped masculine, untrained being schooled by the conscious idea of masculinity...A masculine modeled from waking example, like your father. Although this masculine appears to honor the feminine, it also desires more influence, or dominance, in the Self than appropriate for balance. The masculine may attempt to mask as a higher aspect (nurtuing, teaching, perfume) although it is not.

The mask may have allowed the masculine to direct the Self. The developing higher feminine incubates in the unconscious. The store may be feminine knowledge, intuition, you can still get in, examine this aspect and it's purpose, etc.

The feminine is protective of the masculine. The masculine is a necessary aspect. The credit card scheme may be the masculine on borrowed time, or less than it appears, so needs trickery to maintain station in the Self. The feminine knows this and realizes the masculine is not as it appears, so works to regain control. A source of great inner conflict. Although in the struggle, a new masculine emerges in the unconscious, one that does not wish control/conflict with the feminine but to function as a lessor aspect with the higher feminine.

But you hand control to this new masculine rather than the developing feminine. The feminine would be the appropriate aspect to lead.

The second dream...
Both snake and egg are archetypical symbols. Death and rebirth. Perhaps you entice the death of some aspect, with inner knowledge rebirth is at hand. The old must die for the new to be born. Orange could symbolize radiant life or the connection of death and rebirth. But this could have deep personal meaning only you could decipher. Cats are typically viewed as feminine. Preventing, saving, the feminine from death...the wrapping paper tube could be a phallic symbol, using the masculine? not sure about that part. This acts to impede the death and rebirth, the feminine remains the same as before but now in a defensive position, fending off.

This second dream appears to be about an ending and a beginning. That possibly fear prevents the transition. Although the archetypical symbolism denotes deep inner understanding of the situation... an ending must be completed before the new begins.

These dream interpretations tend to a deeper meaning than normal for a person your age. Because you have been working with your dreams for quite some time, and are knowledgable of the deeper aspects of life, this seems appropriate.

Look forward to your thoughts on the dreams and interpretations.

Kind regards,

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Re: Being Attacked

Hi Kathy

You're interpretation made me do a lot of thinking.

I think the main point/theme you touched on was: Internal conflict associated with fear.

I honestly can't say what I think the conflict is about specifically. A couple of things crossed my mind: (i) been thinking about changing my job for a while. I just got a new job about a year ago, something that I had to work very hard to acheive. However, I've been questioning if this job is really my calling. I'm even considering changing fields completely, although I don't know what it is I really want to do. This kind of thinking has led me to (ii) what do I really want from life and what is my purpose (in the grand scheme of things)? Although, nothing in the dream really pointed to anything work-related, so I'm inclined to lean towards option (ii).

I wonder if the feminine part of me knows the answer, but my ego is afraid of the change.

In Dream # 1, after the beating, I questioned why I didn't drive the car, b/c my dad was in no condition to drive.

And in Dream # 2, I forgot to mention this, but the cat died over 10 yrs ago. Am I trying to protect/hold on to something that has already passed?

I think both of these point to what you said about the feminine not taking control (car) or taking control when I shouldn't (snake/cat). Also, one of the things I've always thought about my dad was that he was too scared to make a decision a lot of the time, and that his fear of "taking a chance" sometimes made the end result worse. I feel very strongly that that is why he is in the dream.

Overall, I will still have to think more about the dreams, but your thoughts have definitely starting the wheels turning. Thanks again.

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Re: Being Attacked

Kathy did a great job addressing the archetypal aspects. But I sense a deeper personal aspect that may very well have do with your dad. And the second dream is definitely out a Freudian essay. If you have thoroughly searched those possibilities then look to other possibilities in the relationship with your dad. Something seems to be unresolved.

The butterfly dreams. Something so beautiful in life. Great aspirations are beautiful also. But expectations don't always come true. Sometimes they die in mid-flight.
The great thing about butterflies is they return every year


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