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I dreamed a woman gave me a pin amulent in the shape of a slipper that was to be filled with perfume. I spilled the perfume on myself when i tried to flill it. She also gave a large ring with a yellow stone with a smaller ring attached. She told me apregnant deer would come to me and I would help deliver it. I then met a man who asked me If i remember sitting under the apple tree with him. He wanted to kiss me but, I was afraid to kiss him. What does this dream mean. Life has been tough and new job does not pay well, little happiness for me.

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Re: dream


The woman is a side of your psyche that is trying to help you. She reminds me of the 'wise woman' archetype, but was probably your age in the dream?
As this is to do with where you are NOW and your 'station' in life/your career of which you have concerns. A shoe or slipper is about your station in life and the condition of the shoe will indicate how u feel about that. Filling it with perfume, may indicate your desire to sweeten things up for yourself, or maybe you have concerns about 'filling someone's shoes? Remember the only person u need to be true to is youself!
The colour yellow could indicate cowardice about working towards this and also 'wholeness' ( symbolised by the ring. Interestingly there were TWO rings - maybe you have to work towards wholeness in your unconscious AND conscious lives?
The male figure is your animus, the male side of your psyche. Do you remember the song;
" Don't sit under the apple tree, with anyone else bu tme, anyone else but me, anyone else but me?"
It was a 1940s song about fidelity.
Maybe your animus is reminded u to be true to him IE true to your SELF. and issues of fidelity, wholeness and being true to yourself are prime here, what is stopping you from embracing the male side of your psyche? ( also the dynamic side which makes things happen in careers, money etc and which may help you with your station and career in life.
The pregnant deer is a strong symbol of shy feminity (the deer) and fertility (pregnancy)
You need to take care of your instinctual femininity (pregnancy rarely suggest a real pregancy but the 'birth of a creative project or new phase) but also at the same time NOT be afraid of being true to your animus.

Lastly, in real life - if you are not happy with your job - change it - like anything else in life.

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