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a TV man...

Ok, so I was in a car with my friends and we pulled up in the back parking lot of my school. When we got out, all the kids started to gather around this guy standing by a little red sports car. I assumed it was his because it was the only car in the parking lot. Turns out, this guy was an actor from the TV show 'One Tree Hill'.So all the kids are talking to him, but I wasn't. Instead, this guy I know that likes me picks me up and carries me to some kind of deserted house. Not nasty or anything, just no one was home. So when we go inside he carries me to the bedroom, and as he puts me down to close the other door, I run out, saying "Trying to get me into the bedroom, huh?" So then I just run out, not running from him. I wasn't scared. I knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt me in any way. I was just playing with him, although I had no intention of sleeping with him. Then we're back with that guy from TV, and then I wake up. So if anyone has noticed anything interesting, let me know please. Thanks.

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Re: a TV man...

The dream may describe a desire to be a part of a social or peer group(s). Perhaps attention has not been returned in the manner one desires. Possibly anxiety about finding the right group or relationship that fits due to a feeling to be at a disadvantage for some (real or imagined) reason. Perhaps you’ve made attempts to join with others but later reject them or you have experienced rejection. This could be emotionally painful, yet you retain self respect. (A highly positive trait.) You understand that in time the right relationships will come about so not to settle on what does not truly fit. You can leave those unfitting relationships and the emotions behind.

Does this seem to fit with your current life stage and waking thoughts? If so, many times external social emphasis does not value the deep personal relationship but rather the superficial devaluing the true nature of an individual. That you recognize this and retain recognize your true value would speak much of your inner nature. That you rely on your inner Self so do not require external acceptance or approval. This ability to self valuation is a true asset which would assist you in creating or engaging in the sincere relationships you desire.

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