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this dream has me worried

In my dream I had finally found a wife or something. I was over at her parents place. I was asked to go get something out of the car and as soon as I get to the car this guy comes out of the shadows and tells me to give him the car keys and o told him no so he attacked me but I subdued him but I let him go and he left. When I went back inside I told them what happened. Then they asked me to check the lawnmower so I did. So I did and again I got attacked again and again I subdued him and sent him home. When I went back inside me and my wife spent a couple of hours with her parents and then we had to go. When we got in our car we started the car and pulled out of the drive way and we pulled up to the first stop sign and as soon as we stopped a guy in the back seat attack me and my wife and I put him in some kind of hold where he could not move and my wife was holding him down and I was trying to get her to go for help and she was arguing that she needed to stay and help and I told her to go for help and she did.

Re: this dream has me worried

What is your age? It may important in understanding your dream. It will definitely help in an interpretation.


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