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demon dream.........

hi i did not know where or hwo to ask so i am here,..
this is the second time i had them in a dream.....its lkie this....there are two big winged demons just flying in the sky dark grey and black in colour they are male and female just flying in random formation flying close then giong far and so on, but i remember
feling scered at them and they would fly in and just look at me especialy the male one he had horns, that was in the first dream.......and maybe bout 5 months after i had the dream of them again the same demons, but this time every body around me was scered but i was not it mite sound sraing but i stood on a wall and told my wife not to worry and at that time i myself grou wing and my head turnd into that of a lion but i was white in colour and i said do not worry i have a message from god and at that time i fleu up close to the demons but at that time i workup.......not knowing what the message was.......

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Re: demon dream.........

If you are currently going through a spiritual awakening then the dream may be addressing those 'spiritual' demons that you are trying to confront/cast out. The dreams have mythical conotations, the winged demons, the horns, the lion. The mythical hero/heroine confronts the demons {psychologically and metaphorically our inner demons}, the dark side {black} as in Star Wars. The ulitmate journey of the mythical hero is spiritual. Good {white} overcomes evil {black}. Opposites {male and female} come together.

If not that then the question that strikes as most important is 'what are the demons in your life'? Unless there is real physical mental conflicts it most likely will be from past experiences. Have there been any traumatic experiences in your life that have not been properly addressed? The second dream seems to have two possibilities. One is you are actually confronting these demons as you should do. The other is the demons are trying to take complete control. If that is the case then there is probably mental aspects that may need addressed. That may require professional consultation.

So ask yourself. Are there past experiences that still haunt you? Is there a spiritual transition occurring in your life? These are the first two areas I would look to. If not those two possibilities, if you will provide more personal information about yourself {that you feel comfortable giving} and perhaps provide more details about the dreams we will find answers to what the dream is speaking to.


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