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Pleaseee, I need help !

okay i was at my aunts house down south and down there it is plenty of rocks on the road. like gravel-ish. so it turned into a dessert and me and somebody [ i dont remmeber who it was ] saw this man taking this lady to go kill her so he put her in a truck of some sort and took off. so me and my friend ended up in a man's wagon or somethin and was about to hop off and try to save her but the man whose wagon i was in said not to because he would kill me too. so i hopped back on and then we all of a sudden ended up walking.

so we came accross this town. looked unreal or whatever. so i said a spell to make the city real and then the city looked real and people and cars appeared. so then me and my friend walked in a store of some sort which looked exotic and had gypsies in it. so then i walked over to a crystal ball and put my hands around it and smoke appeared in it and a gypsy told me " the man is coming, he is going to kill you with a bow and arrow 2 feet away, to kill him you have to be close. " so i nodded my head and me and my friend left. so we walked down the street and saw the police talking to the killer. . dont know how but they were writing him a ticket, so i snatched the ticket from the officer and ran.

me and my friend ran down the street as i ripped it up. for some reason. and we heard dogs. so i orbed, like i thought about where i wanted to be and i was there. so then we came face to face with the killer and the girl he was about to kill and i looked down on the ground and saw his ax he was going to use to kill her. so then i grabbed it and whacked at him with it until he was dead. then said a spell " make the object of objection become but a dream, as i cause the seen to be unseen " and he slowly dissapeared. i then said a spell so there was no evidence left. and then i happened to wake up.

i just thught about why i couldve had this dream. me and boyfriend just recently got back together and i havent seen him in 3 weeks. so im wondering will it last and will he break up with me.

Re: Pleaseee, I need help !

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