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Numbness and Scared...help!

Last I had there recurring dreams that were felt so realistic. I was sleeping in my roomnext to my live in boyfriend, and I felt like someone was breaking ni to our apartment, I couldn't hear anything the first time and when I went to move and wake up my boyfriend I couldn't, my body felt so heavy and I had no strength to move I had to force my self to open my eyes and move to a different sleeping position to realize it was just a dream. When I went back to sleep the same thing happened only this time I kept telling my boyfriend someone is in our apartment but I didn't have the strength to open my mouth and I was trying sooo hard to wake him up and but my body felt like I had no energy. I am freaked out can someone please explan why that happened last night!

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Re: Numbness and Scared...help!

The first thing that we must understand about dreams is that they are symbolic and speak in a language of metaphors. So when we look at your dream we are looking at you, your life, the different aspects, emotions, etc. The symbolic language of your dream would probably go like this:

Your room is one aspect of yourself, an emotional experience, different aspects of your personality or psyche, perhaps even a complex you possess. It is a part of the whole of who you are. Since in your dream you are sleeping next to your boyfriend, the dream message may have to do with some part of the relationship with him. Or it could have to do with some masculine aspect you possess {possibly both}. I would look to your boyfriend since he is in both dreams.

Breaking into your apartment probably indicates there is something about this aspect {masculine self or relationship with boyfriend} that is trying to become conscious {something you may have ignored or repressed about this masculine aspect that you are lying next to}. Not having the energy to move may indicate you do not have the courage to confront the issue this masculine self is wishing to address. You may need to open your eyes to certain facts about this relationship. You need the strength and courage to open your mouth and say what needs to be said. If it is about inner masculine traits you may need to communicate to yourself the need to confront this aspect.

In summary your dream may be addressing the relationship with your boyfriend, an aspect in the relationship where there is a need to communicate to him something that you have held back. You consciously may know what this something is but you do not have the strength of character to tell him.
If it involves personal traits instead of having to do with your boyfriend then the dream message would be addressing those masculine aspects I have noted. My thoughts are the dream is about both, but mostly to do with your boyfriend.

Are there issues that you want or need to discuss with your boyfriend but have not found the courage to do so {the courage needed is masculine aspect and may allude to the inner masculine aspects I have mentioned}? Perhaps you need to open your eyes to certain truths that you have been unwilling to accept or admit. Look to this possibility and let me know your thoughts.


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