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Accepting Death

I am in a mall with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Now in the dream they are my family but I have never seen them before in reality, and I have never been to this particular mall. I know that my uncle is a mobster, and so does my aunt. While at the mall my aunt makes sure there is enough money to cover whatever we want to buy. We had the most expensive and wonderful clothes in our arms. It was suck a luxurious feeling. While trying on the clothes an assassin came to kill my uncle and his family and me. I knew this the moment I saw him. As I saw him, the room became empty of just him, me, and my uncle's family. He quickly killed my aunt and cousins. I dropped to the ground and tried to roll away (log style). I was in the middle of the cross fire between this assassin and my uncle. Both were shot. I was unharmed and continued to roll away from the middle of them. Finally I stopped rolling, lying on my stomach, face down I knew the assassin was dead, and that my uncle would soon die. Then it became clear that my uncle was about to kill me. I thought “If I had just laid still they would have thought I was dead and I would be able to make it out of this alive.” He was still standing, and as I felt him lift his gun and aim it at me I had time to think "I am going to die now." There was no panic, no fear, it was simply a fact that came into my head. I heard him fire the gun three times and I felt each of the bullets hit into my head. I thought" So this is what it is like to die." There was no pain, almost a numbness and things just faded out - like the end of a movie – going black. It was like I sat in that blackness and then I awoke then. I am not relieved that I woke up. I was almost shocked. But there was no fear, no sweats, no shaking, nothing like that at all. I felt the same acceptance that I did in my dream when I knew I was about to die. It was so bizarre.

Could you please help me with this dream?. I have been bother so much since it happened and I can't seem to shake the "calmness".

How can someone dream about dying and not be scared, or upset by it. I accepted it with no feeling or argument or anything at all and this disturbs me.

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Re: Accepting Death

Hi Rusty

As you know this is a significant dream for you.
I am not sure how much you know of dream interpretation from the Jungian perspective - maybe some of the links on this site will help you.

The mall is the current state of your outer, waking life. I gather that most of your material needs are met - one might say provided.
The other characters in your dream are parts of you.
Perhaps in yourself you are waking up to other parts of you that you did not know existed.
The dream reflacts ho things are / can play out for you.
As you realise / meet the other parts of yourself - some of them need to die - you know this.

The mobster uncle likely represents a dominant masculine aspect of you that is dying.
A previously unknown part of you is the assassin ,,,notice the assasin does not try to kill you - althought you are in the cross-fire. It is the uncle.

You are lying on the floor - on your stomach. Are you hiding yourself in waking life ?
Rational thought must go - (you are shot in the head - the mind).

You are calm because, inwardly, you already know thisese things. You are accepting and know they must happen.

How does this sit with you ?

All the best

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