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Tiredness on waking

I usually remember some or part of dreams, like most people I guess. recently, I have not remembered them, although I have been aware of dreaming. I'm also very tired upon waking and this tiredness carries on until about midday. Is there any correlation between dreaming and tiredness upon waking?

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Re: Tiredness on waking

I have wondered often, and have for a long time, about why and how one feels upon awakening from sleep, and the possible reasons. I am a very analytical person by design {nurture and nature} and having put many years of trying to live a healthy lifestyle {diet, exercise, proper sleep and down time, less stress}, my inquiring self sought out answers to the waking feeling and how to improve it. I became the guinea pig and the examiner. I have drawn some conclusions and though some may suite others, I have some good ideas as how they fit me.

I believe Jung would suggest a truly 'individuated' person sould ask such questions, discover the answers, and abide by what is best and balanced. When we analyze our dreams we are looking inward. And what makes it so important to look inwards is often from not giving proper atention looking outwards, our bodies.

It wasn't by coincidence Jesus, the Buddha, Ghandi, were slender in frame. They walked a lot and practiced good diets.

Age may have some bearing but I remember as a boy feeling 'bad' upon awakening. I know from my own self examination that diet, and when you eat, can have a lot to do with how you feel, and your waking mood. We all know about hangovers, drinking too much alcohol. What we put into our bodies interacts with the balance of the biology of the body. And just like dreams and the mental brain, the body is also going through a **metamorphose. From a state of rest and sleep where the body slows down, changes speed, enters periodicaly into the dream state and out, to awakening, gathering your mental self, and having to warm the body up so it can function and support the biological body.

If I were asked what I thought was the main cause of feeling 'bad', being overly tired, when we awake from sleep, I would suggest diet and stress first. The general condition of your physical body {overweight, too much indulgence, stress, not enough 'proper' rest and sleep} plays a key role in this area. The body goes through a transition of sleep to waking that requires the body to restart itself, warm up. Muchlike a car {auto}, the better you take care of it mechanically, the better it will run as it gets older.


Have you monitored your sleep/waking behaviour to determine what might affect how you feel when you awake from sleep? We are all different {evolution makes us that way} and different things may affect each of us differently. There may be something that you eat or drink, the amount, or the time of day when you eat, that lends itself to your feelings.

As for the connection of dreams and tiredness. Perhaps the psychological relationship to your actual waking life to the dream play may lend itself to how you feel physically, as well as mentally. If there are a lot of stresses that consume your life, that can become a stronmg psychological drain that passes itself onto the physical body. The interaction of these two aspects of the human pysche is natural, designed by nature and evolution {let me put an emphasis on evolution, staying from any notion of any designated 'intelligent design'}.
Not remembering your dreams could be as simple as having become too stressed. Changes in sleeping behavior can also determine how you feel and whether you remember your dreams.


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Re: Tiredness on waking

Hi Gerard and thanks for your response.

I think you are right that body and mind are so intricatly connnected. Usually, I have no problems sleeping: I'm a vegetarian, I work out at the gym and walk dogs daily, I don't drink alcohol, or drink one glass of wine etc socially, I don't smoke. However, my metabolism is inordinantly slow (my mother has underactive thyroid) so may have inherited this, I'm not sure). I think maybe its more to do with a change in routine. When I work, during the school term, I'm up at 6am and my working life is pretty tightly 'timetabled'. When on school holidays, I naturally go to bed later and wake up later.
I think its the waking up later and probably sleeping a little too much that has caused the problem lol

Also the process of waiting for the house sale to go through is tiresome, as I'm naturally an active person who finds it hard to wait for things that shouldn't really take the time that they do! Not only am I changing house/location I'm also changing jobs, albeit in the same field, so as much as I like
'change for changes sake' and don't think it affects me, maybe it does, unconsciously.

I'm starting to remember dreams again though, and maybe need to be a bit more disciplined to taking vitamin supplements, especially IRON, as I may not be getting this as a vegetarian.

Thanks again for your response...

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