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Worms Nightmare/intense anxiety


A dream from a short nap today:
My husband and I are in class in a deserted building, lots of male classmates, we are sitting on old mattresses. Am eating broccoli. Suddenly its filled with green worms. I spit, run to the bathroom and wash and wash my mouth, the sensation of worms in filling my mouth was disgusting. The bathroom attendant is creepy, scares me. I return to the classroom, all are gone except husband. I want to go back and get the big red heart pillow and two hearts decorations that were on the wall (just like what I have in real life in our bedroom), because we are leaving that building forever, but he says no. I see him riding off in a taxi with a group of women, I call his name twice but he ignores me and doesn't stop for me. I have to walk home. I was at the corner of our street, I head to the left to the other corner. The street I turned on suddenly slopes dramatically and becomes a hill, large objects are coming down at me, things like washing machines and things I don't remember, I am assured they won't hit me. End of Dream.

I woke up in a state of severe anxiety. My heart was pounding, and I felt like I was going to panic, I was terrified and the emotions in the dream felt real but upon waking everything was intenser and worse. I felt an intense anxiety that lasted for an hour at least. I think this dream is commenting about my animus and my marriage, I read once the animus is also represented by a group of men(like my male classmates),so maybe the husband in the dream is my husband. Please help!

Thanks in advance,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 35/ EGYPT

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Re: Worms Nightmare/intense anxiety

Hi May,

These intense dreams after short naps can be a real jolt. Marion Woodman has said that if the intensity. the feeling is such as to awaken us ,,then the meaning is also close ,,,for myself, I'm not so sure.
Something that you have eaten disagrees with you ,,, the food you eat ,,, that which you think you need to sustain you.
Broccoli and worms – both green, the colour of new growth. Broccoli sprouts / produces again after the initial shoot hasbeen harvested. And worms ,,, they can regrow too, if they are divided ,,,, any resonances in your life ?
Also worms,,, eat the rotten stuff, the dead stuff and what they produce makes soil fertile, light - the potential for new growth.
So are the unpleasant things you are doing now, the things that you think you need to sustain you really good for you? Or, this could be something that you find unpleasant to swallow ,,,,

Things are changing for you - forever - A part of you wants to return to the way you used to see things; the ‘enhanced’ version of life.
However, you have more knowledge now, you have been learning (in the classroom). You know more now. You cannot go back.

The masculine going off in a taxi – the life of being hired for money. The Self is calling, however the ego does not hear. Are you currently working / pursuing a life for the money ? Life is hard this way, there is no flow – although material things may ‘rain down’ upon you ,,, underneath it all, nothing hits the Self.

All the best,,,,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Australia

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Re: Worms Nightmare/intense anxiety

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your response. You wrote some profound insights here and I shall give you the background first and you will see how well it all fits.

Saturday, two days ago, my husband and I got into another trival argument and I asked for a divorce. I've said it before, part of me means it and part does not wish to seperate. This time he was so angry he agreed. Of course, he's said it before. He left for vacation with his family (taxi, group of women passengers with him), and I had asked him to bring the divorce papers as soon as possible. He pushed me when he left, he's physically aggressive and emotionally abusive.

Today I heard that I got accepted for a scholarship to go study in another country, and he didn't. We applied together for the last three years.

I'm in the process of packing, sorting, selling some furniture, deciding what to give away.

Yes, my life is about to change forever. I can't the heart pillow or the heart decor that was on the wall, they will most likely be given away.

I know he and I would probably have reconcilled, but I am going to follow the scholarship offer as a divine opening to lead me away from him. He did say he didn't want me, I know its probably out of anger.

My only fear is that he won't give me the divorce papers and attempt to detain me at the airport.
I hope this does not happen. I do love him, and it was a difficult relationship and I'm happy to be following my call and deeply sad to leave him. The subject of the study is international human rights law, so its an interest of mine, but I was hoping to begin Jungian analysis tomorrow and train later to be an analyst.

I think given my precarious situation with my husband and being offered this scholarship and his not getting it with me, is a clear green light. I accepted. Also I have student loans and in order to not have to make payments I have to be registered as a student. My current master's degree that I'm working on has been an uphill challenge. I can take a leave of absence from my university and hopefully this other university will be willing to fill out paperwork that states I'm a student there. If not, I will try to get an extension. Either way, what's meant to be will happen.

I tell myself divorce is not the end of the world, if its meant to be he and I will find each other again maybe after we have both grown.

I do feel sad that I haven't seen my parents in four years and I have only two weeks before classes start, I don't know when I will see them but I hope soon, soon.

Even though the subject matter isn't my first choice, traveling is and the experience will help me in life. I think it will be good for me. I feel it is a numinous sign, the sequence of these events. Synchronisity? Several days ago I found a furniture shop that sells and buys used furniture....out of the blue, just took their number in case....in case I need to sell my things and leave the country. Also my phone broke yesterday. I had to buy a new one, with a new number, but I can keep my old one. I thought I might need a new number so I can cut and cut clean. Anyway, I'll need to return it, because I need a phone that works in the country where I'm moving, but in either case...I may indeed have to change my phone number.

I do love languages, travel, and wanted to go into diplomacy, this could be a good lead.. anyway it is my fate.

I am shocked and nervous and happy. I felt deeply anxious about the thought of divorce, it always scared me even when my husband has hit me in the past, I tried to see how I played a part in things.

I was so keen on learning about my dreams to get guidance about my marriage. Strangely, after telling my dad my decision to divorce, he was neutral he wasn't pushing me either way. It was my mom that was against my marriage and I didn't trust her enough to know her motives.

I feel sad for my husband and said that I'm not making a visit to my parent's right now a priority, but I feel this is for the best and I just hope that since it is meant to be, I won't have logistical problems....(lots of things, I'm a dual citizen so I have to figure out visas and the divorce papers, and what to do about housing when I return, etc, etc.

Well, that's my story. I think your interpretation is right on. I hope I'm not doing this for the money, the scholarship award...it is an incentive, but there is so much more to it than that. I think I will enjoy this and it will help me professionally, which is what I need to focus on right now.

I hope that in grieving my husband and marriage I will be able to cope with my emotional needs. I will try to find counseling there, and use it as a time to be on my own again. And perhaps I will 'get over' my husband, or perhaps he and I will make peace and start over someday in the future. But this feels less anxiety provoking then staying here but divorced, or remaining married and not being able to cope with each other in a healthy way.

I know also that because I won't have this relationship to focus on, a lot of unhealed emotions may come up for me.

Thanks so much Justin, I really appreciate your response. Am sure my dreams will be guiding me throughout.

Take care,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 35/ EGYPT

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Re: Worms Nightmare/intense anxiety

Hi May

There is much more in your reply than I can respond to, so please accept this somewhat brief reply.

There was another image in the dream that I chose not to include - that was the 'old mattresses' ,,, it gave me the image of 'cold mattresses' ,,, and a relationship that is now cold / old.

I suspect there is more for you in this dream than already seen - relating to the relationships within yourself between the masculine and feminine aspects - and this in turn relates back to the roles we engage in in our waking life that reflects our inner dynamics.

In your reply your write that you have been given the 'green' light ,,,, does this relate to the broccoli.
The red hearts - I associated these with falsely embelished love ,, 'hanging' on the wall. Like portraits, not living.

"I have to walk home" ,,,, to your Self ,,, to being who you really are - it must be acheived independantly / under your own power. Here I so not mean through dominance. Yet the path becomes a hill - there will be effort required.

Two last points:
- there is a lot of masculine emphasis in the dream - is that in you ? Your pursuit of career etc.
- the assurance 'they won't hit me'

All the best

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Australia

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