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a friends dream, about me.

first post and just plain confused.

I have a female friend who out of the blue came to me one day about a dream. She said her dream was about me. I went with her to her parents house to meet her family and I ask her parents to be her boyfriend. They said yes. Another man came and ask also. When this happened I began to cry.

She and I are not romanticly involved. We have been friends for a year and a half. She lives in Costa Rica and me in the states. I do travel to the country about every two months and see her often. She is 24.

What does anyone make of this dream? She even said it was odd and funny cause that would never happen... laughing as she spoke. Oddly, at the end of the last trip (about two weeks ago (2 weeks after the dream) she suggested in october on my next trip, we travel to her home town and I meet her family and we stay there a few days. I laughed saying.. I will just run away crying... I then reminded her of the dream and she said she had forgotten.
What can I make of all of this. Especially the odd part of another person asking the same thing. Most of the time things dont get to me. This was totally unexpected and has had me confused ever since.
Thanks in advance for any and all replys!

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Re: a friends dream, about me.

Her dream may simply be her unconscious mind contemplating possible relationships in her life, you being one of them. Since she did ask you to travel {in real life} and meet her family there may be deeper possibilities about you. But since in the dream has another man asking about a relationship she may be undecided. She may seeking approval of the possibilities from her higher self, or she may be the type that needs approval from her parents in her decision making. If you were crying in the dream it may represent her own emotional state when it comes to deciding on masculine relationships. Or it may indicate she is taking into consideration your emotional state. From your narrative I get the impression you are a bit of the emotional type when the subject of a relationship comes up and she is aware of this.

As for the relationship, I take it you are wanting it to happen. But there may be fears of rejection {I will just run away crying}. I would look at your emotions having to do with her and sort out those details.

As for the other guy asking to be her boyfriend. He would represent other possibilities in her life and not necessarily a particular person.


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