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looking for some answers

I have been having some strange dreams for quite a while, they involve my ex of a year & half. The first one involved wot i believe where the two babys i terminated because he did not want them, they came in my room and where on my bed where i was sleeping and calling me mummy but they where no longer babys they where little children now, then he was there in my room but he has never been in my new house ever and he was saying sorry to me!I woke up from this dream having thought it was actually happening because it was so real. since then he has been in my dreams everynight and so has his new partner sometimes. I would never want him back as he was a nasty piece of work to me. so its not that i want any relationship again with him as i wont even speak to him. sometimes i have trouble remebering the dreams when i wake up but i always no they have been about him, we are going through a court and have been fighting over contact since last year but now all of a sudden these dreams have started.

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Re: looking for some answers

One aspect of dreams is reveal and address those aspects in life that have not been resolved. Since you aborted your pregnancy because he wanted you too, seeing him in your dream bedroom may be addressing those emotions. If he had not been in your life, and bedroom, you may have become pregnant and bore your babies. They would be young children now. You blame him thus he remains in your life. Your dream may be addressing those emotions which are still in conflict.


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