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Been bullied again in my dreams

Well, im now 21 but between the age of 13-16 i was the victim of bullying by the whole entire class at school but mainly by the most popular girl named Lisa. She bullied me out of the school, i had the whole entire class at me - i was the geek of the school. I had to catch the train to and from school with her every day which didn't help - this is what happened in my REAL LIFE a few years back. I haven't thought about the bullying at school for a long while now but now im having nightmares about it. why now??? I always dream of how scared i was, i dream of my heart pounding of been so scared to enter the classroom. I dream of her victimising me and basically calling me all sorts as well as everyone else laughing at me constantly. I dream of how mean she was to me ad how big she seemed n how small i felt. In my dream i always expierence the feelings i went through, heart pounding, hands sweating, paranoid and the feeling of plucking up the courage to walk into a room. The dreams always have flash backs into the past of when she'd say she'd burn down my house and send me into hospital. There mainly flash backs of things i thought i'd forgotten but once ive had the dream i remember that it did actually happen then it all comes back to me. Nowadays it never usually bothers me and i never usually think about her but having these dreams is bringing it all back to me. Why am having these dreams and what can i do about them. I never usually remember my dreams but these ones scare me.

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Re: Been bullied again in my dreams

Hi Samantha,

First of all let me say I am sorry you experienced this bullying. You are certainly not alone, and if you recognise this, work through it and acknowledge your past, you will become stronger than you can imagine in the long term. Survivors of any kind of trauma sometimes experience 'flashbacks', daydreams or 'actual dreams' like the one you have just described and the call is to face it and work through it. I know this seems scary and you don't want to experience the same feelings again, but until you turn around and acknowledge it, it will keep arising periodically from your subconscious.
Sometimes people experience partial 'flashbacks' from the unconscious from repressed memories, too painful to acknowledge. But the fact that this has surfaced in your dreams again, means you are ready to face and heal from it.

This is the start of a very tough, but ultimately very rewarding journey for you, as you heal and become stronger than before.

Acknowledge everything you felt, nuture your inner self - play through what happened, in your now 'safe' environment and know that you can and will come through this as a strong survivor.

You can even ask your dreams to reveal what you need to do about this situation before you sleep.

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Re: Re: Been bullied again in my dreams

Hi Samantha

My guess is that things may ahve already started to change for you / your dreams since you posted on the site ,,, is this so ? Can you feedback ?

All the best

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