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Dead brother

Around 2 weeks ago my brother died from a sickness age of 39. A little more then a week was his funeral. All this time I didn't see him in my dreams until 2 days ago.
The dream was that I entered kitchen (of the apartment where we used to grow up together). Kitchen was pretty small. There was stove next to one wall and just two steps a cross the kitchen there was a table where we, my parents, brother and I used to eat and it was standing by the opposite wall from the stove.
So, in my dream I enter the kitchen and see my brother laying on the stove facing the wall and legs are up on the wall. He looks at me, His looks a little irritated. He is holding knife. Then I see that he takes this knife and throws to oppose wall, where the table is. I turn that way and I see few more knifes are sticking out from the wall just above the table, like darts.
After that I didn’t see him any more. What does it mean? Does hi is trying to tell me something?

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Re: Dead brother

I am sorry hear about your brother's passing. And at such an early age. I can understand the pain since the 5th of this month is the anniversary of the passing of someone very close in my life. And she died at an early age also.

This is an interesting dream that doesn't seem to have a clear understanding to its message. What crosses my mind is the unity of the family and losing part of that unity with passing of your brother. Was your family close? With your brother no longer with you, and with your family, a part of your journey {legs} in life has passed. Tables can symbolize unity and in your dream, sitting around the table is the whole family, in your childhood. Walls may represent boundaries, separating yourself from something or someone. The opposite of the wall, separation, would be unity. Since dreams depict our inner most emotions, your deepest desire is to return to the family unity that you once enjoyed.

Another possible aspect may be health issues. As we age, and others around us age, health becomes an important part of how we feel {whether we give conscious thought to it or not}. With your brother's passing you are confronted with the realities of life, and death. He died at such an early age. This could stimulate your own unconscious fears about health, life and death.

I wish I could be more precise in my interpretation but the symbols and their metaphors are not so clear. If you would post your thoughts to my interpretation perhaps we can get closer to what the dream is trying to communicate.


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