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Wad of Cash, and a Car in the Wall

I had a dream last night that involved a few things. I've been worrying about my career/money situation as it is in bad shape lately, and have admit to becoming infatuated by the idea of becoming wealthier. My dream was this: I drove to a somewhat sketchy part of town, and parked in front of a building. I went inside, upstairs, as I had planned to meet a few other people to carry out a plan to get us all rich. There was one other girl there in the room with me, i'm pretty sure we were both dressed provacatively in lingerie, and we were to carry out the plan. A man was in the peripherial/could talk to us, but wasn't there right at the scene. After that i remember our plan falling through, in the sense that someone was on to us. there were also children (several) in this scene but i'm not sure what they were doing or why they were there. The wad of cash (must have been 100 franklins)that we were supposed to sit was sitting there next to one of the children, and as the plan looked like it was about to blow, i grabbed the cash with no intention of sharing it, and left the building. as i was leaving, several musicians that i know or have seen play were pulling up in cars and coming into the house, like they had come to a party to hang out (having nothing to do with our scheme) and i walked back out to my car, and found it only half there. half as in, the whole front end of the car was obliterated into the brick wall, and i realized that i had the money, but had no way to escape and leave with it without getting caught. after that i woke up. any thoughts??
p.s. this seems like a pretty cool site, found it through the cg jung page. i love him and his work!

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Re: Wad of Cash, and a Car in the Wall

It is great that you did discover MDS. I believe most anyone who has a true creative sense is naturally attracted to Jung. The universal goal of the hero/heroine is to discover the Holy Grail, which in the mind of Jung was the spiritual/creative Self.

The dream does seem to be addressing your 'scheme' to get rich. But your heart may not be in. There may be feelings that it will take some 'underhanded' actions on your part to achieve this goal {car half there}. One idea that comes to mind for this is your creative self {musicians} that may have to compromise your integerity for the sake of money. Joseph Campbell often stated "if you are in it for the money you may lose out completely. If you follow your creative Self you will find your bliss and have the monetary means also. Lingerie could symbolize what is underneath, in the depths of the soul, which is your creative Self. Also the half car may be facing the realistic aspect of the barriers {brick wall} that confronts your quest for riches. This realization may be both practical and creative. And the creative Self may be in conflict with the idea of the get rich proposal {grabbing the cash with no intention of sharing it}.

As for the symbols of the children I suggest you consult the dream dictionaries to determine what they may represent. It will most likley have to do with the 'undeveloped' plot to get rich.

Does this fit with your true waking life conditions?


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Re: Wad of Cash, and a Car in the Wall

hey gerard,
i think this helps alot. i think specifically the half car in the wall hit home with the (hitting a brick wall) concerning the pursuit of "Quick fix of dishonest wealth" which is so easy but yet i couldnt see it! so thanks. the musicians part i think wasn't in line, but you wouldnt know that, as that aspect seemed like a "positive" influence, maybe reminding me of what i want to be like/ what i want to pursue. i've had alot of anxiety lately about money, since i've been worrying if i'd have enough money/gas to get to payday, and i think it propelled an obsessive tendency to want a "quick fix" that in reality i see as not very possible or practical. the "children" i think may have represented the beginning of pursing ventures/thinking like that, and what my higher self/soul thought of that :) so i appreciate the thoughts! alot. thanks. -lux divon

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