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This was a detailed dream, so this will be a long one.
My dream started out with me and the man I've been dating (but not been intimate with, or even kissed) having very intense sexual relations. His face was very close to mine. I somehow know that we are beneath a pier, near a large body of water, but not the ocean. Then I am riding home, at first I am thinking in a back seat, but it looks more like a carriage seat. I open up a card this man gave me, and I remember thinking I should have at least looked at it before we screwed each others brains out. I open the card, and it becomes a letter. It looks like a business letter, with company names/addresses across the top, but I don't know what it reads. Below the letter head, is a typed line, that is smeared red and black ink, it reads ... Again and everything. Where were you April 5th, 1835, By William Sheakespear. At first I thought it said 1855, but then decided it was just too smeared to catch at a glance. Between the letter head and the typed line were three symbols, one a celtic love knot, one was 2 triangles fit to look like an hour glass, and I don't remember what the third was, only that there was a third. I remember looking closely at the other symbols, and wondering why the were stitched upon the paper,like embroidery. Below the typed line was a bold line running along the width of the page. Below that was a handwritten letter. I only remember the first line (my cat woke me up after that) the first line read ... I have been blessed by the Goddess many times over with you. Any thoughts ideas would be very appreciated.

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Re: relationship

Sorry that your dream was not addressed earlier. We sometimes overlook a post but we always try to answer all requests.

I sense the dream is addressing the possible relationship with the man you are dating and as well as your own inner qualities {perhaps in comparison to his outer qualities}. There may be desire on your part to enter into a deeper relationship {intense sexual relationships} but you may be questioning some of his qualities as opposed to those you truly seek in a relationship {dreams are about the true self, going beyond what the lesser ego self may desire}. You may feel he wants you to take a 'backseat' in some aspects of the relationship whereas you feel you should be held to a higher esteem in these aspects. There is desire to grow in the relationship but deep down you question whether this is merely a but a part of what you require as a partner {large body of water but not the ocean}. On a deeper level you need to expand in your own personal growth and the decisions you make having to do with this relationship will reflect on that needed personal growth. The possibility of growth in both areas is not clear {smeared read and black ink}.

The rest of the dream is very symbolic and probably gets into personal aspects that only you can truly discern. But giving it a try I see the Celtic love knot as symbolic of that true love you wish fot. The two triangles are probably symbolic of you and he, and perhaps you are trying to form a triangular hourglass {see this link to better understand the concept}. If you will notice the two images together make an hourglass but they are attached but still separate entities. The third symbol may represent the confusion about all of this. The stitching, something that may not be natural but it does look nice {embroidery} around the edges. The last line, and this is often the central message of a dream, may be directing you to look to your intuitive abilities {the highest aspect is the feminine, the Goddess} to ascertain the direction you need to look to in making future decisions.


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Re: relationship

Thank you so much, you have given me reason enough to do more thinking and searching. (but I wasn't able to click on the link you added for some reason).
I also wanted to add to this picture, so to speak, and get more of your thoughts, if I may.
Between the time I posted this dream, and now, I had decided I needed to be more patient when it came to this man. I found a lot about him I do like, and feel strongly about him, and like we are making a connection (even a slow one is good :)) A friend of mine, who, to put it simply, sees/speaks to those who have crossed over, came to me unexpectedly and said "your dad says he is watching over you, and you are making the right decisions" that's it. It was a surprise for me, and this man was the first thing that came to mind when she told me that. Do you think there is a connection between the dream and the message from my dad? Or am I just being slow and hard headed? lol Thanks for your time !

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