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I continuously have dreams involving my mother. in the majority of my dreams/nightmares she is choking/strangling me and I am petrified, struggling to breathe and certain she is going to kill me. I wake up thrashing around, scratching at my neck as if to get her away from me, gasping for air and hyperventilating and very scared. Other dreams stil invlove her, usually inflicting some type of severe abuse on me, and myself being petrified of her. In every dream she is always stronger than me and I can never get away from her or get someone to help me that is able to overpower her.

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Re: Repetitive

There are several possible meanings that present with this dream. Repetative dreams can indicate the seriousness of the issue the unconscious desires to be made known and resolved.

Initially look to the waking relationship with your mother. Could the dream be describing conflicts, (mental and/or emotional rather than a literal physical), in that relationship? You may be consciously aware of the conflict or not. If not, to rule this possibility out, examine your presence of mind and body when you interact with your mother. When you interact with your mother are you tense or anxious without knowing exactly why? Or do you experience any unexplained adverse physical sensations (nausea, headache, etc.)? If you find you experience any adverse or negative signals, these could signify a conflict lies in the unconscious, without conscious knowledge. And the unconscious is presenting this conflict with a view to resolution.

If the above does not apply and the relationship with your mother is positive perhaps the mother character represents some aspect in your life that works to limit your Self expression, works against you. Something or someone that acts to ‘choke the life from you’. This could someone you view as an authority figure, likely female, such as a teacher, supervisor, friend etc. that should work to nurture and care for you rather than act against you.

Also, from MDS Dream Dictionary:
A dream about your mother may be telling you something about your relationship with your mother. Mother-attachment may be so strong that the development of your own individuality has been prevented. Inner independence of mother is the first great step towards realizing your true self.

Finally, could the dreams be repressed memories of actual childhood experiences of abuse? Click the link to access a prior post titled Dreams, Sexual Abuse and Repression.

Please respond with your thoughts.

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