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Hi all,
last night I had a strange dream. It felt like I was in the military and I had to shoot an enemy, and I knew that I would be killed once I did it. But I wanted to get it over with so I shot them and then I was shot. I started to experience what I perceived as feelings of death, this time the atmosphere changed into what felt like my parents home. I was trying to welcome death, to not be afraid as I started to feel like I was slipping out of consciousness, then I felt this strong pull of gravity, pulling me deep into the ground. As I was about to lose complete consciousness I apologized to God (And I'm not religious). Then I started to feel a panic like I was trying not to drift into death and I was worried about my family finding me dead.

Thanks for any interpretations you may have.

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Re: Dying

This dream may have to do with emotions about being dominated by someone or some aspect of your life. There may be internal conflict over this situation, perhaps to do with a need to find forgiveness for something. This aspect of your life may be causing great distress for you and needs to be addressed so you can put it behind you. There may a need to release bottled up emotions because of this experience{s}. You may feel that you are to blame for certain circumstances which may lead to a need of forgiving yourself.

You may want to look back and determine what experiences there may be in your life that has yet to be consciously confronted.


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