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Dreams / Violence / Imprisonment

Hello all:

Last night's dream: (sorry this is long)

I am with a group of people and am telling them about this really good movie...it's about a woman who has prophetic dreams and tries to help/stop bad things from happening in waking life. I turn on the TV, and the group of us begin to watch the movie.

However, the dream changes, and now I am in the movie as the main character. This part of the dream moved very fast and is kind of fuzzy, but I remember doing a lot of running and being very serious and focused...b/c we didn't have a lot of time.

In the dream, I remember that I've gotten so wrapped up in my dreams and saving people that I forget about the little girl I have left alone at home. (The girl is about 4-5yrs old, long blonde hair. I don't have children in waking life, but I think the girl is supposed to be my daughter.)

I know the girl is in danger...perhaps there are men who don't like me and know that my daughter is alone by herself? I return to the house with three of my sidekicks (all female) at dusk. I don't recognize the house. It is old/run-down and very historic looking (Victorian maybe) on a street corner.

We enter and it is too late. We get attacked by several men, at least 4. They have already killed the girl and are going to kill us. There is a lot of screaming and crying. We are all going to be killed in the same manner, by having a nail driven into our foreheads right between the eyes (where someone would place a bindi). When it's my turn, I look around and at least 2 of the other girls are dead.

I awaken, not sure where I am. I feel the nail in my forehead, not sure why I'm still alive. One of the other girls I was with (let's call her Mary) is still alive too, with the nail in her forehead. The two of us are led outside of the house into the front yard, where there are a lot of other women being kept prisoner. We are all wearing long white nightgowns. I recognize some of my friends in waking life there.

It is dark and for some reason we are being made to sleep outside. There are 2 long rows of beds (white also) that all of the women have to share. The men are watching us and have guns. They also position a bright spotlight that shines on the front door of the house. Are they trying to make sure that no one goes back into the house, or that no one comes outside of the house?

I am laying bed awake and thinking, "should I try to escape?", "why am I not dead, and why are they still keeping me alive if they wanted me dead in the first place"?

Morning comes, all the women are sitting at a picnic table. I see another man walking on the sidewalk who comes into the front yard. It's someone I work with (my boss's boss) and he is looking for someone to fill a job. He says the job will be in London and asks me specifically if I want it. I'm flattered that he chooses me, and express my excitement. The men in charge say this is OK and the man leaves.

I am confused why he chooses me..doesn't he see that I have a nail in my forehead? Did the men in charge just agree to this to polite b/c they are keeping the nail incident a secret? I being to wonder how much longer I'm going to live b/c of the nail.

I march up to the leader of the men and I say something like "either you need to take me to the hospital to have the nail removed, or you need to hurry up and kill me." The dream ends.

My thoughts:
1. I think this dream is very similar to the last 2 dreams I posted. In this dream, I went back to save something (a child) and got hurt in the process (similar to the last posting about saving the cat and being attacked by the snake). Also, in my last posting I was attacked by a group of men, both dreams were very very graphic in the violent scenes. Does this mean my male/female side out of out balance or is there another issue here?

2. Is there a signifiance to the nail/forehead? I beleive this is the location of the 3rd eye/intuition...are the men in this dream trying to stop me from using it or is the nail supposedly a good thing? Why didn't I die?

3. The girl, Mary, is someone I knew in high school, not really a friend of mine. She was someone who got made fun of a lot b/c she was somewhat of a "nerd" and was very religious to the point where she was perceived as a little out of touch. I suppose that she appeared in the dream b/c there are parts of me that are like her? Not sure about this.

4. My boss's boss appearance...he is not someone that I interact with a lot, but generally I like him.. he is very grandfather-like. I suppose his appearance makes this dream work-related?

I realize there is a lot here, but I would very much appreciate any thoughts. Thank you!

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Re: Dreams / Violence / Imprisonment

Dr shell,

The dream may describe current waking life/work conflicts revolving around feminine intuition vs masculine intellect. Males that consciously accept and employ the patriarchal social dictum to devalue the feminine intuition trait yet on an opposing unconscious level value this same trait. So desire to employ this very aspect of which they them selves do not posses a conscious understanding or knowledge there of. By osmosis this may also have filtered into your conscious perception of intuition.

The group of people could represent peers. Perhaps intuitively your Self understands others may view you as irrational when you try to directly describe your thinking or reveal how much you depend upon your intuition. (Woman who has prophetic dreams.) The intuitive trait is perhaps perceived as other worldly or of the external while in truth intuitiveness is a natural component of the Self, the Psyche. It lies within us all.

Possible indication urgency with requisite focus, serious attention, is now indicated in order to resolve this conflict. The child, historic house, intersection (street corner) may be clues to turn attention to the inner child aspect and waking childhood experiences in order to uncover a contributing factor. Perhaps this is an aspect of Self that ‘died’ to you, due to some (psychological) trauma incurred at a young age. This now hampers the intuitive aspect. That the violent dream characters are male could signify some negative masculine influence or contact. The trauma very likely could be emotional rather than physical. To rescue this aspect you must first identify and bring to consciousness.

The Inner Child information at Crystalinks site may assist in determining inner child aspects that may play a part in this situation.

Driving a nail could be phrased as hitting the nail on the head, get to the heart of the matter or pinpoint the problem. This combined with the third eye symbolizing intuition could again point to the basis of conflict. Also possible dualism of meaning in the masculine attempts to guide or direct (drive) the intuitive but it can’t, as intuition is of the feminine.

The intuitive survives, it is innate to the Psyche. You awaken or desire to awaken to this aspect within, to bring it to consciousness (front yard). Yet the ego may place this perception of Mary on to your Self, so works to block or hamper development or waking of the intuitive through this negative perception. The unconscious counters with the feminine goddess image, the long white nightgowns so the ego can now recognize this within you is also within others, your friends, so a more positive position can be held.

The link between ego and unconscious content, with shades of masculine aggression and containment/contamination, is now evident. (spotlight on the door, males with guns)

Perhaps understanding the psychologically developed male values the feminine intuitive aspect. And/or the male aspect desires to hand control of the intuitive to the feminine. The feminine is the proper aspect to drive the intuitive function. London probably has personal meaning. Archetypical meaning could be crossing the unconscious (ocean) to positive ego (land, land across the ocean) development would also result from resolving this conflict.

The ultimatum is that of resolve it now or let it die with the inner desire to resolution.

My apologies the end is not as detailed, must attend to work this morning. Although there is enough here to begin working with. As you well know, the interpretation is only possibilities and may provide some points to ponder.

Look forward to your thoughts.

Kind regards,

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Re: Dreams / Violence / Imprisonment

I agree very much with Kathy's addressing of 'inner child' features from your dream.
Consider that the girl doesn't represent your daughter, but one aspect of your inner child, who may have been neglected in some way.

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Re: Dreams / Violence / Imprisonment


You're reply has been very helpful and I've spent a lot of time thinking about it.

I know that I have two totally different sides to myself, the part that is very scientific/logical and the other part that is very interested in new age/metaphysical/intuition stuff (I will include dream analysis in this category). I recognize that I have to keep the new age stuff to myself (or very few other people), b/c not everyone shares my views, and I don't want to be perceived as someone who is wacko or illogical, particularly in a business setting (explains the appearance of Mary).

I think it's hard for me to not take someone's lack of belief personally b/c it's such a strong part of my personality. I suppose this bothers me on some level, but I find it surprising that it would come out as something so violent in my dreams.

Male/Female conflict....I wonder if my ego/persona just identifies more closely with the male. I'm pretty sure that there is no history of physical male aggression. However growing up, I felt that my father was very strict/controlling. Today, I think these translates into my fear/dislike of being controlled, including work/relationships, etc...perhaps an explantion for the imprisonment in the dream.

The child...the inner child?...I did look at that website...there were a few potential possibilities that could have described me. However, I have trouble fitting it in with the dream. Does my ego not want me to address the inner child? There was nothing else in the dream (house, yard, etc) that could have pointed to my childhood.

I read Gerard's posting about the Hero Myth and can see some similarities. However, I wasn't sure how to view my dream b/c I saving different people at different times. Should I view this dream as (i) just saving the child or (ii) saving others with my dreams, and then having to return to the life that I left behind?

I don't really have a definite conclusion, but writing down my thoughts help a lot. Thanks again.

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Re: Dreams / Violence / Imprisonment

dr shell,

Thank you for responding with your thoughts. The meanings will come to you as you continue to work with this dream.

In order to function within the bounds of accepted social conduct we sometimes develop a wholly ‘separate’ persona mask. It can be felt as a schism in personality. As the psychological need to fit into society decreases and the need to live the inner Self increases we become more comfortable living the inner Self. At some point most people suppress some aspect(s) of their true Self to conform to a social ‘ideal’ for acceptance.

As one of two primary authority figures the father (the other being the mother) is central in psychological development in the child. In addition to developing an aversion to external control this could lead to over development of a (unconscious) controlling aspect within. Not only would you not permit external control but possibly employ strict Self control and exert excessive control on others in your sphere of relationships whether professional or personal. This could lead to the inability to truly connect with others that would arise through employment of appropriate control. Violence may symbolize the degree of inner conflict as opposing aspects battle for dominance or expression.

Initially ego wants what’s best for ego, which usually is not best for the Psyche. Ego can and will offer resistance to positive change. Perhaps the most difficult task is shifting perception of Self from ego perception to that of inner Self perception. From ego viewpoint everything’s great…So becomes reactionary and protectionist when faced with Self direction to change.

On the level of psychological development, each person and the child would represent aspects of Self. Each aspect is rescued, is balanced, at the appropriate time, when psychologically ready to carry out the work. The Heroes Journey is circular, in that once the dragons are slain and the boon acquired, a return to the life left behind with the all important boon in hand, lies in the end of the cycle. Of which isn’t really the end…as the cycle then renews to be experienced again and again…

Kind regards,

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