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Unsettling dream

The other night I had this dream that had many parts, but only the last that I remember vividly. I am trying to escape from someone and find myself in a room with only one window that has miami blinds that won't give when I attempt to push htem out. My pursuer is right behind, so in an effort to elude him, I hover in a corner of the ceiling--not hovering in a sense of weightlessness, but rather using my arms and legs to brace me into position. As my pursuer moves on, I glance to the wall in front of me and recognize a portrait of myself that hangs in my bedroom. Shaken and frantic, I try the win dow one more time and the bottom portion gives. I escape just barely and must run through forests and a town of sorts as I'm still being pursued.

While I am running, I shed articles of clothing, revealing another set below. I continue to run until I reach a cliff. After a moment of pause, I begin to slide down the side of the cliff, using the vegetation (still very forest-like) to break my slide. The cliff ends at a beach. After seeing a boy walking along the sand and the rocks, I decide to jump down from the rocks at the cliff's base and follow. As I climb around an outcropping, I realize there is no more sand and I am in about three feet of water. I look around for the next large outcropping when I think I see a fin (I am terrified of sharks). As I look closer, I realize there are three humpback whales basking and playing in the bay. I am entranced by them when I feel an arm tugging at mine and someone helps me up onto a ledge. She leads me along a path towards the top of the cliff (arid, almost desert-like now though still overlooking the ocean).

Once there, she walks inside this glass chamber filled with water and beckons me. Doubtful, I enter and sit across from her. She asks me to relax and focus and I tell her it's not likely because I do not like ledges and do not think I can breathe in the water. She responds that it is I who created the scenario and that if I relax, all will be ok. I resist and lean back out of the chamber so as to catch a breath of air. I try unsuccessfully to relax inside the chamber but end up jumping out.

I can't remember what else happened.

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Re: Unsettling dream

Hi Kat

Your dream seems all to do with creating a personal space and being happy with one aspect of your psyche (the room). The person pursuing you represents why you don't want to stay in your personal space (the room) and would rather 'break out' and run wildly through the natural world represented by the forest.
The self portrait in the room is again reminding you this is yourself, not an actual room you are 'cornered' in. If you turn around and face this fear, it is highly likely that it would give you a clue as to why you are not comfortable within yourself. After all, if we don't run away from something it cannot 'pursue' us.

You see three whales - 3 suggest the trinity and spirituality and whales are a symbol of freedom and the natural state, that you desire, but actually need to create ' in the room' / in yourself, rather than ' out there somewhere'.

The lady, as she is the same sex as you could represent your shadow, but also could be a wise woman archetype, she urges you to relax and be still, but you see the 'impossible aspects' which are preventing you from doing so - the ledge, the water etc.

There is a message here about creating your own space and facing those things that are pursuing you - ie aspects that you have not faced up to or challenged.
But also there is a message about believing in the dreams in your life that until up to this point have seemed 'impossible'.

This is only one opinion and there may be many interpretations from others, so do keep this is mind.

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Re: Unsettling dream

Hi Claire,

Thanks for taking the time to read about my dream and give it some thought. Your idea regarding something inside myself I am not happy with is right on the money. It's funny, until I read your analysis, I didn't think it was really that big of an issue (sort of I'll deal with that later) and had relegated it to a lower priority item on my "to do" list. Clearly, not the thing to do.

Again, thanks for the insight.


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