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i am almost 3 weeks after knee surgery and have been having the most vivid dreams
i keep waking up in the middle of the night looking for a small dog that i am responsible for. i also see ths same person in my dreams i dont think i have met this person in my waken life they are standing at the end of my bed i an not scared by them. last night was the worst i woke up really frightned saying they had taken me to do experiments on me and i felt really parinoid if anyone can help with this that would be great thanks a lot

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Re: anesthesia

The anesthesia drug could cause disruptions in normal dream cycles but I don't believe it would have such an effect 3 weeks past using the drug. There may be some lingering concerns over the use {the experiments and paranoia in your dream} of the drug over being under. What was the feelings about the drug at the time it was given? Any concerns?

Let's look at the symbols within your dream. Responsibility is probably a direct link to your waking life experiences. If so then what would the dog be symbolic of? The person in your dream {you neither denote the person as male or female} you have never met is probably an aspect of your own psyche. Could this unknown quality be connected to the operation and perhaps a fear of some sort? You are scared by this person, at least not conscioulsy. But perhaps there is an underlying fear about some aspect that is new in your life. Perhaps that fear was having to undergo anesthia, an unconscious one. That gets back to the dog and your responsbilities. Take a look at the Dream Dictionaries and determine if any of the possibilities strike a nerve. Then compare that to the rest of the dream and your waking life and see if it fits. Overall I believe the dream is passive and not one that needs great concern.


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