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Confused by recurring theme in dream

I'm a happily married woman who is 100% heterosexual but the following dream has really disturbed me and I'm really confused at to what it might mean, if it means anything. I've had dreams like this before with this bisexual theme. So I really could use some help on trying to understand why this theme keeps popping up in my dreams. Thank you.


I was at this lady’s home helping her do some plastering on the walls. I could tell that she was a bit interested in me and I was a bit interested in her too but felt rather inexperienced in her presence. She noticed my slight uneasiness and did her best to make me feel comfortable. Things got rather touchy feely between us and we ended up sleeping together. The following morning I left her home relieved. It was my first same-sex encounter. (In the dream I'm happy that this has happen because apparently I had been claiming that I was bisexual but lacked any experience.)
Later while walking down the street I ran into a male friend who has had this thing for me for the longest. Even though I always thought he was a nice guy I could never actually see myself being more than a friend to him. He stopped me and we talked. He took my hand into his and wouldn’t let go. He kept trying with all sincerity to show me how great of a guy he was but I just wasn't interested in him romanticlly. Finally he let me go and I went on my way. I entered into this large corporate building and headed to the elevator. I was dressed in professional business attire and on my way to a meeting. When the elevator doors opened there was an attractive young lady already inside. She smiled at me as I got on and I said hello. I pressed the button for the floor I was heading to. While doing so I could see from the corner of my eye that she was watching me. In a soft voice she asked “What is that scent that you have on?” I told her and she replied “It smells really nice.” The elevator stopped. We were both getting off at the same floor. I let her go before me. As she walked away she turned around and smiled back at me. We held the gaze for a moment and then headed in our separate directions. I walk to a door at the end of the hall. I open in and enter into this large office with this huge cherry oak desk. Standing behind the desk is Wendy Raquel Robinson (she the actress who played principal Regina Grier on the Steve Harvey Show). She greets me with a friendly smile. Immediately we begin to discuss my business proposition. (Apparently I’m working on some movie deal.) Throughout the meeting I sense subtle hints of flirtation from her. She turns out to be a rather nice women and we hit it off. The meeting ends with a successful business deal and me going on a date with her. That one date turns into another which turns into a casual romance (nothing too serious). But one afternoon while coming from her office we run into Robert Townsend (a movie director). She notices from the way that Robert and I look at each other that there is something going on between us. Robert then realizes that something is going on between Wendy and I. At that moment Robert and Wendy both turn to me and tell me that I have to choose. Instead I walk away and decid to take the subway home. While waiting a elderly couple next to me start arguing. Over hearing their arguement and really wanting them to be at peace with each other, I butt in and try to mediate the situation. I sat there and explaned to the woman her husband’s point of view in a manner that she could understand as a woman. Then I explained to her husband his wife’s point of view in a manner that he could understand as a man. Doing so helped them to reach a point of agreement. They held each others hands, kissed and thanked me for the help. They walked away in peace with each other. I continued to wait for the subway. As I did I felt a great sense of peace come over me. End of dream.

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Re: Confused by recurring theme in dream

Thanks for sharing your dream. Interesting, to say the least. Sex dreams are always interesting because there is a little bit of Freud in all of us. But because of Jung we know there are a lot more other aspects of the psyche that can be just as influential as is sex. Although a sex dream may have to do with the sexual aspect of the dreamer, it may also represent some other aspect that fit's the metaphor {of sex} but on another or a deeper level. Another level could be dealing with romantic love {as symbolized by sex} and/or acceptance of oneself {lesbian sex}. Inner issues, psychological conflicts and the root causes are the deeper issues the dream may be addressing. This is where we will encounter archetypal images and motifs.

Are you African/American?

Before I interpret your dream it is important to know whether you are African/American. If you are Caucasian then an African/American in your dream may symbolize something different {shadow being one possibility} than if you were African/American. The same goes for if you were African/American having a dream of a white man and/or woman. I will await your answer before I give an interpretation.

But a few thoughts that may provide insights. I get the sense the dream is describing you, who you are and how you perceive and interact with the world, and perhaps more likely yourself. If you will look at the people in your dream as you, they are aspects of who you are, you may realize there is a communication with yourself in your dreams, discussing those other aspect of yourself. There may be another perception of yourself that is hidden, ignored, repressed. Such perceptions often relate back to the shadow, if you are a black female.

Since there is a male, as well as other women, in your dream perhaps the dream is also addressing some masculine aspect. There are many possible combinations working toward a common theme, or more correctly common themes. And it is about you.

I sense a desire to better understand your inner self. The plaster may be merely the ego covering over the inner life. Dreams are a reflection of that true identity, the one who showers in the morning, thinking your thoughts, personal and confidential. You have to go beyond the ego to realize the truths the deeper psyche has available for understanding.

But let's not forget Freud. As a Jungian rule of thumb I believe dreams have at least two interpretations. There is the one above. But what are your deepest thoughts, those thoughts you have never told anyone else? Often they are sexual. The inner self is unihibited when expressing human desires. Yoiu gain access to that inner self in your dreams. No hiding there.

This dream stuff can get a bit 'deep', if not complicated. But with a little exploration of the links I have provided I believe you will gain a notion to what I am speaking to. I sense a properness in your dreams, and an intellect. I also sense the possibility of a 'coming together' taking place in your life. It could be an important one. Or at least as in your dream about sex, an 'interesting' one.


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Re: Confused by recurring theme in dream

Thanks for the links and information. To answer your question, yes, I am African American. Hope that helps with your interpretation.

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