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Reacurring dream

Hi. I'm use to having different nights various themes and things going on. But for the past two weeks solid all my dreams have had the same senario and theme just with different people or in a different place.

My Dream:
I'm out with some friends going shopping and having a good time. Then a some one comes up and takes my arm and puts something to my back and tells me to go along with it. I tell my friends I left my wallet in the car and I'd be right back. Soon as we get outside, the person hits me in the back of the head and i'm knocked out. When I come to, I'm in a dark room tied to a chair. the only thing I can see is a little bit of light from what looks like a door jam. The door opens and my ex fiance' is standing there and he looks pissed. He beats and rapes me and leaves the room. he does it over and over always coming back. then i wake up.

I'm so freaked out having this dream for the pass two weeks. and all of them end the same way. please if anyone can shed some light on this for me would be greatly appreciated. lately i've been afraid to go to sleep because this.

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Re: Reacurring dream

One thing you should not be afraid of is sleep. If for no other reason that the ones spelled out in my post The Importance of Sleep. Just with this dream there are underlying circumstances about your life that need to be addressed. Some are minor, others most important. But all dreams are important. And without sleep there would be no dreams.

Studies have shown that when you miss sleep you will make up for REM sleep {the time when we do most of our dreaming} the next time you do sleep.

Recurring dreams often mean there is something within your life that has yet to be properly addressed, something that needs your attention. Looking at your dream I begin to wonder 'what is it in your life that you don't want to go along with?' The wallet in your car {the car is you} may mean there are certain values or principles that you abide by {or should abide by}. There may be some aspect in your life where you have to forget or ignore {knocked out} these principles.

Those principles I speak of may have had to do with the relationship with your ex. They mah ave been a big reason the two of you are longer together. I say this because the part about his attitude in the dream. There may be lingering effects from the relationship that still bother you. His raping you {this is symbolic and not a real rape} and beating you may be left over impressions of the relationship {even though he may never had did either}. My thinking is that he did certain things in your relationship over and over again and left you with the blame. But since you have come to your senses and are no longer in the relationship there is light to ending these left over impressions. But they are still strong enough that the keep coming back, in your dreams.

If I am correct about my assumptions to your dreams, the underlying message is there are still linger effects from the relationship that still bother you {is there still contact with him?}. What needs to be done is to confront these fears and anxieties once and for all and get past them. The dark room is your unconscious self, a wiser self than the ego personality, that lends itself to understanding those aspects in your life that are out of balance. I believe the dream is confronting those out of balance issues with your ex that still have yet to be resolved. The relationship may have ended but the conflicts with it still resides and influences your thoughts.

For those who wish to better understand the reasoning for my interpretation of this particular dream, look at the dreamer's age.


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