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The whale, ex and starfish

I dreamt last night that I was getting engaged to my ex (of 15 years) and I was in his house. All of his family were very polite and hospitable and he was very attentive. I saw photo of him on the sideboard when he was in the army and I wanted to go and have a close look but I think I was too proud or shy.
Somehaow my dream takes me somwhere with my dad , it looks like we are packing to move and we have this big aquarium. In the aquarium is the big whale and he is eating the starfishies. I tell my dad but he is like it dosen't matter the whale is more important.
I felt sorry for the starfishies.
And then one of the men working for dad was packing the chickens and he was sellotaping their mouth and feet. I said to him it was wrong but he said they need that for racing (i undrstood it as peagon racing)

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Re: The whale, ex and starfish

Dreams of past relationships often represent experiences learned from those relationships. Here the engagement may symbolize a need to engage in understanding better the relationship with your ex. You may be focusing on the better aspects of the relationship, a positive sign that you are overcoming some of the emotional toll resulting from the failed aspects of the relationship.

But there are indications you are unable to voice all you feel about changes in your life. Something may be eating at you, something that is important to you and could swallow you up if it is not let out. Your father in your dream may represent his true self but he may also symbolize your own wiser masculine aspects. Perhaps you are expected to keep quite about certain things but by doing so you are silencing those real emotions within you.


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