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First aid kit

I had a dream a few days ago which I can't seem to get out of my mind. It came after I'd visited a friend who I've known for about 3 years. We've always got on well but recently I've just had a bad feeling about her and wondered if the dream referred to this situation?

In the dream I was in a house with a lot of other people I didn't know. Something happened (not sure what) and a police Inspector was called. He asked about the house's first aid kit. Apparently it was in a bad state. I went round the house asking the other people exactly what the inspector had asked me, the police Inspector's exact words were "how much money had been spent on the first aid kit in the past year -none, for two years- none, for three years- none". The inspector was annoyed about this and told me that I sould rectify this, and get a proper first aid kit.

Then I went around the back of the house. A male friend was there with a wooden trap in his hands. In the corner were a honey-coloured dog and some digging implements, spades. They were digging up the floor which was not solid, but wet earth. I had the feeling that they were looking for a rat.

Then four women came along in a car to stay at the house. They were a bit rowdy. My sister was with me and didn’t like the look of them. We were trying to keep on the right side of them and talk to them, but they just said exactly what they thought, they weren’t concerned with appearances.

Sorry it's such a long dream, but I would love to understand what it means.

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Re: First aid kit

The first part of your dream seems to be possibly asking 'how much resources have you put into repairing' something in your life, especially within the past two years. Since the question was asked about one year and two years, that may play into the equation. The proper first aid kit may be the proper resources, not necessarily monetary, needed to repair this certain situation in your life.

There may be guilt feelings that pertain to this aspect of your life. Consciously you may not recognize these emotions, feel things have been remedied, but unconsciously you may still be affected by such emotions. In such a case they may influence your emotional being.

The last part of your dreams seems to be defining different aspects of your psyche. Where would 'appearances' fit into the scheme of things in your life? Have you been trying to placate someone or someone you over some situation?
Add what I have said together and determine if any of it strikes a cord.


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Re: First aid kit

Hello Gerard, thank you for your thoughts on this dream.

The past three years have been a very significant time for me and the start of a journey inwards. It is the first time in my life that I have had the time for this and am trying many new things, and trying to live more creatively. Maybe the dream is referring to this? I am not sure about the 'repairing something' aspect of this dream, unless this means trying to become more true to myself, and less what the world expects of me. But I can't think the dream means this as I have put a lot of time and effort into this. The police Inspector in the dream was really 'telling me off' about whatever it is, so I am supposing that it is something I don’t put any time/effort into.
'Appearances' do fit with regard to my friend. She is slightly older than me and is better educated and I do tend to defer to her maybe rather too much, as I do value her opinions. Perhaps the four 'rowdy' women are suggesting it is time to maybe not worry so much and just be a bit more 'rowdy' myself, and less ready to accept the views of others?
I am wondering what the meaning of the rat is in the dream? I've just had a look at the site's dream dictionary and yes, I do feel there is a 'gnawing away at me' but I don't know the cause. I can't link it with any feelings of guilt, unless they are, as you suggest, unconscious.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 53 London

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