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the return to basics

i was discussing with a friend recently,how it seems to me that the more you explore the inner world,the more powerful, raw,and more like ancient myths dream images become,archetypal i think is the proper word,
i have been somewhat confused though,
while i have a resonable knowledge of most religions and myths,most of the stuff i seem to get has been very shamanic in content,despite the fact i have never really been drawn to this path at all,even though i love nature,and am aware of the great power she holds,
i remember a line to a native american(in the shaddow hunter movie) that they did not believe in all that supernatural nature mumbo jumbo,
the response,from the native american,
your prophets and sages,could raise the dead,heal the sick,part seas,turn water into wine,so what makes you think that yours is ok and ours is mumbo jumbo,
besides,our people have been aware of these powers since the dawn of time,
this has had a profound effect on my psyche,
i would like to know if anybody has had similar experiences via dreams and what conclusions you have come to if any.
regards steve.

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Re: the return to basics

There is no doubt {at least in my mind} that when exploring the inner world the universal {archetypal} themes rise to the surface. The cause may simply be by accessing the inner world you are also accessing the deeper aspects of the psyche which evolved from the most primitive parts of the biological brain. These unversal aspects are part of the DNA of the human {perhaps even animal} psyche.

In thinking about these inner realms and the powerful 'secrets', there clues are to be discovered in the myths. Joseph Campbell spent a lifetime exploring these links and provides the most valuable insights. Jung included them in his philosophy of the dream because he saw them come up time and time again in his medical practice. The inner realms are the deepest realms and no matter how the outer life may take shape the inner life is what truly dictates the circumstance of the outer life. Understand the 'personal secrets' can lead not pnly to self discovery of the true Self but can also 'cure' what ails one emotionally and sometimes physically. Of course you know this with your indepth studies of Jungian psyche.

Knowing that the deepest roots of the psyche are from the primitive mind, we can look even further back to the roots of the primitive and see they are from nature itself. So when you talk of Native American concepts then your dealing with a philosophy that is 'in accord' with nature. It is a natural response to the invironment that the earliest Native Americans grew up with. It is their spiritual life which is not separate from nature but evolves from nature.

Like you I see this as a higher wisdom than the established religions that are most popular today. I sometimes have dreams involving shamans and I believe this to be the case because I have accessed that spiritual part of me that is in accord with nature. I believe in the views of Darwin as to the evolution of the species and see it fitting in perfectly with the concepts of the natural aspects within all of us.

Speaking of inner secrets.
From the Gosepl of Thomas parable 108:
Jesus said, "Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him."

Jesus was a sage,a shaman. So to the Buddha. The secrets are only secrets as long as you keep them hidden. To live a life as Jesus or the Buddha, this is where the secrets spill out from. To live that life there needs to be balance and harmony to the personal life. And the key to unlocking these secrets that will produce a balanced, harmoneous life are psychological. The search for the Holy Grail was not phyiscal, it was psychological.

I know you are aware of these things. Being on your personal journey you have exprienceed first hand the fruits of the inner search, the secrets. Our discussing them will hopefully help others understand these 'secrets' and how to access them.


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Re: the return to basics

Yes but not often. That’s to be expected as I’m in the initial stages here. The deeper archetypal imagery has yet to surface.

I’ve recalled only eight dreams in four months. Two nights past I attempted to induce recall, by using some basic pre sleep ritual - quiet contemplation, presleep focus, tape recorder at the ready, reviewing past dreams. It worked, in a way.

In the dream I was entering the home office/creative work space/laundry/storage room to work. I flipped the light switch to turn on the overhead light but the light wouldn’t turn on. I repeatedly pressed and flipped the switch, but the light still wouldn’t come on. Finally gave up and walked back through the hallway to find someone to help me fix the switch.

What’s the unconscious message?
Somebody’s home but the lights not on.

ha ha!

Sorry - couldn't help it!

Kind regards,

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Re: Re: the return to basics

many thanks for your replies,
are yes,a sense of humour ,the best weapon while its dark,
i have no doubt kathy that the light will come on,
if there is one thing that my journey has given me thus far,it is this,
there are powers and energies at work that are not easily comprehended by the intellect and physical senses alone,
and as gandalf said,
thats kind of comforting,don't you think!.
regards steve

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