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Dark Goddess, White Goddess, and Self

Hi All,
Dream recall is slowly returning. I devoted ALL of Sunday to creative Bliss, very relaxing. Then dreamt the following dream.

Character notes:
All three characters share similar qualities of rational thought, deeply caring, and just genuinely good people. They work at the downtown office. I go there a few times a month.

Anquenette (Dark Goddess): Supervisor of prior work group, now peers. Mid 50’s, African American.

Allison (White Goddess): Devoutly religious (in a positive manner), “pure”. Co-worker in prior work group. Late 20’s, Caucasian.

Gino (current Self): During an outreach canvass in a troubled neighborhood known for drug and other issues we discovered we shared a common history and connection to the locale. As young adults each frequented the area because of drug/alcohol abuse issues. Co-worker in prior work group. Early 60’s, African American.

I drive to a park, to join co workers for a meeting. Brought a gift for someone (forget) who would be there. Look forward to seeing everyone, has been awhile since the group was together.

Park the car in the lot. Walking uphill on the path. At the top joins with another path that runs the ridge to a shelter house. Look right when I reach the top. Allison and Gino are walking through a field to the ridge path. Dark thought, think they don’t like me, doubt I should wait and greet them, consider continuing on my way. They see me. Yell to wait for them. Greetings, glad to see them and them me. Gino hugs me, kisses my cheek (as in waking life). Walking, excitedly talking. Tell Allison I brought a gift for the group to give to (forget).

Large group gathered in a meeting room at the park lodge. Noisy, everyone talking. Anquenette says to me I want you to do (forget). Say I can’t. She asks why? Because I took drugs before. She says- Yes. Honey you haven’t done that for a long time. I say- but I took a lot of drugs. A.-Well…ok, but that was then. K.-I took just about every drug there was back then. Name it and I took it. A.-We’ll, sure, you smoked pot and drank, and some other stuff. K.-and ludes...acid... coke, and I freebased– that’s crack, they call it crack now. The only drugs I didn’t take are ones they shot up, like heroin. Then A. gives me a disapproving look. (Wake)

During the dream I felt the disapproval was due to the drug abuse. After examining the dream it's inner guilt that led to a link with abuse. Her (my) disapproval was about not honoring past imperfections, in this death, rebirth and new cycle of life.

"I" have believed my past actions now exclude me from a right reserved exclusively by the "pure…those who do no wrong'. Purity being an imperfect ideal. This past adulteration goes to the psychological sources by which I lived the unconscious life. This dream is an invitation to participate in life, to leave the impurity a part of the past, dead. It does not define the current Self. Something understood but not realized.

With this I use giving to compensate for the past improper action, seeking external approval as confirmation of worth. Rather than internal realization of self worth…

From Marion Woodman:

"The Dark Goddess has to do with ...the Earth and with the love that can honour the imperfections in the human being."


"Whereas with the honouring of the Dark Goddess we can accept life and death, rebirth, as part of an ongoing pattern."

For more from Marion Woodman - a link to the
Myths-Dreams-Symbols Marion Woodman page

A quote that's been on my mind for few weeks now makes sense:
"Do not mistake understanding for realization. Do not mistake realization for liberation."
an old Tibetan saying

Comments, thoughts...all are welcome.

Kind regards,

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Re: Dark Goddess, White Goddess, and Self

hi kathy,
i felt i had to respond,mainly to support your interpretation of this dream,
but also to say,
what do you have to do to be worthy?
your past has an obvious affect on your present feelings with regard to your quest for self knowledge,
if you had stayed in the world of drugs etc,that would not be worthy,
but you have raised yourself out of that world and are on the greater path,you are worthy!

a quote from dances with wolves,

of all the trails in life,
their is one that matters more than most,
it is the trail of a true human being,
you are on this path,and it is good to see.
regards steve

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Re: Dark Goddess, White Goddess, and Self

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your insight and kind thoughts. Thinking more on the dream...the task was to lead the group. The inner reaction was disqualified. Period.
Due to the past behavior. The Dark Goddess aspect was insistent, the attitude 'so what...accepting of the past...why can't you let go of this?'. And the other two characters were completely accepting, with the same attitude of the Dark Goddess.

In waking life, I see Gino experience 'flashes' of doubt, or a dark thought or memory of past mistake come to consciousness. Perhaps this is the symbolism of this character.

In the dream there's also a feeling of a 'call' to reengage society, but yet feeling unprepared, preferring solitude. Of course, work is very much about social interaction but in personal life this remains very limited.

I've thought there is reason to everything, that today, is built on yesterdays, a cumulative effect. Perhaps I could not 'understand' the psychological pain one tries to numb, had I not walked those shoes. Don't know. Anyway, will mull the dream over to discern more info.

Kind regards,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 44 Central OH

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