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the darkside

i have been struggling with my negative self a lot recently,and i have been determind to soldier on,
i had a breakthrough regarding my bridge dream,
these current events have i think ,been responsable for my latest dream,
the dream,
i walk over to a large black vehicle,black windows,
i beckon the occupants to lower the window,
the guys inside are like gangsters,they seem to think they own the place,very intimidating,dressed in black,
the leader who is built like arnie,grabs my hand and starts to bend my little finger around his,
i bend back and nearly break his finger,he is in pain and can't believe i have bested him,
seems he has a bit more respect for me, now i have shown him my strength,
i tell him we can now be friends if he want's,
and he has no hold over me anymore,
besides i have a picture of him which would implicate them all in dodgy dealings,(something to do with floor tiles)a reference to an earlier dream i had,
i saw this as a reflection of my recent bridge dream breakthrough,ie got the picture,and because of this,
my negativity has taken a back seat so to speak
and thus has no hold on me,these are my thoughts,
and i would welcome any comments.
regards steve.

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Re: the darkside

Hi Steve,
On the muse dream, such deep inspiration, simply beautiful. And yes, this dream...the masculine brotherhood that has conspired to prevent the meeting with inspiration.

That you bested them is so positive, the foundation is again yours.

Kind regards,

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Re: the darkside

I've sensed for awhile now that we are approaching the pinnacle of a tide of changes, as individuals, as societies, and as a planet. There are changes taking place at all levels, political, world, environmental, and individually for those of us who seek deeper understanding of the collective unconscious. I truly believe dreams will inform us of these collective changes. One clue that comes up in our dreams are the symbols of the deep unconscious, such as your large black vehicle, black windows {large being the collective?}, these are symbols of the deep unconscious. For the deep unconscious, that aspect where true gnosis arises, either the symbol is there to haunt you or enlighten you. I'm not aware of any ghosts in your life so these dark symbols on a collective must be pointing to a higher level of awareness.

On the personal side, the dark symbols probably reflect the different moods/emotions you have experienced in your waking life as of late. You confess you are dealing with your negative self so what better symbols of black vehicles and black objects to represent the negatives. It shouldn't surprise anyone if the negatives are due largely to social duty.

I think the collective is where you need to focus your attention in the coming year. The struggle is a part of the journey and staying the path is difficult. I believe 2007 will be a year of big changes, individually and collectively. In the end it was discipline that finally let the hero prevail.

Gerard 27

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Re: Re: the darkside

thank you for your thoughts,
i to feel that something is coming,what i am not sure,
as to your observations in my dream,
i can see the two possibilites that you described,one the personal relating to my confrontation with negative attitudes,
but also the confrontation with the unconscious,
often seen as intimidating when it makes its presense felt,
at the very least, if it is a ref to this aspect,i feel the dream reflects the fact , i have not let it inundate me,take control,
more of any truce/balance,i knew in the dream that the dark vehicle and its contents would still be at work in the background and would not be going away,
perhaps the dream is working on two levels at once ,
this feels like the case.
regards steve

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 51-uk

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