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Being a middle aged man

I have been intrigued as to what this dream could possibly mean. I've had other deams where I'm someone else, male and female, but never have I been anyone who is such a symbol of masculinity. Maybe this is not the point, I don't know. Your views and interpretations are welcome...

...the beginning is very vague...from what I remember, I've been captured and I'm about to fight one to one with an enemy. I'm a middle aged Roman commander, in my forties, with the full uniform and breastplate armour. I'm going up the stairway to my bedroom and look into my room, one of my men is fighting a male lion, I have a real sense of lose for the other commanding officers that I know have been killed in the fight, I can see them in my mind, there were about four or five of them. I look down and see blood splatters on my laminate floor. The room looks bigger and there seems to be a large space between the bed and the wall where the window is, I can not fully see as there is a very narrow opening in the door. I feel hopeless, that all is lost, but an exceptance of what is to come. I close the door and leave the young man to his fate, I feel he may survive and that the lion is nearly done for. I go into my brothers room and wait for my turn.

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Re: Being a middle aged man

The dream is undoubtly focusing on your Animus . There seems to be real conflict with these masculine aspects within your psyche. The dream may be focusing on the future of these aspects and how they fit into your future. It may be addressing personality or persona issues as well as deeper issues with your masculine self. Being in full gear and protection may suggest this is part of your personality, or should be, when addressing this aspect in context with your personal life. Perhaps you are fighting an aggressiveness within your personality or your waking life.

I get the sense that you may not be fully aware of the impact of this aspect. There may be a need of acceptance in the future of this masculine side of your personality and/or experiences in your wakling life. There may not be a lot of room to manuver. Feelings of hopelessness are probably a part of your waking life due to some type of masculine influences. You may be waiting for something that you feel is of a negative impact. Perhaps what you need to do is use your masculine self in combating the dread you feel is to come. Being idel, standing by and accepting the outcome may or may not be the best way to approach the issue.

Look at your life and compare the dream to that. Where does any of this fit, if you can discern whether it fits at all. What conflicts are there in your waking life that may be relative to the dream? And what iunner conflicts that you are aware of do you need to focus on?


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