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My dream. I need help figuring out what it means.

I am sorry if this is a bit random or not clear but it was the first dream I have been able to remember in detail for ages and I would like to find out what it means.

My Dream:

The first thing I remember is a felid with lots of people on it. I can’t see it very well and the people are blurred. Someone is saying something about a tournament that is going on now. I don’t know what the tournament is for or what it is (like a football tournament). The next thing is I see a wall with a circular door in the middle of it. The door opens and a cartoon character slides out as if it was the end of a slide. The character is Ash (from the pokemon series). He then starts talking to someone who isn't there. I can't remember what he says. After he's finished I’m sitting in front of a blackboard. On the board is some long scientific names for some type of creature (I think that they were a type of pokemon) From somewhere my Dad starts to go through the names explaining what they could be or mean, but I already know what they mean. Next I see one of my friends (B) he is entered in the tournament and in the semi-finals (don’t know how I know that) I don't know what he is doing but he's doing it really well. Next I am looking at a manhole from under ground. The next thing is that a large pokemon comes crashing through the ceiling with one of my friends (D) on top of it. The pokemon the starts to jump up and down for a few seconds. While this is happening a ghostly like picture comes up of another pokemon. The picture is of the pokemon that D is battling. D then starts to explain that if his pokemon continues to jump up and down on the other one then its shell will break. Eventually D wins and he is through to the final of the tournament against me. The dream then fades out and back in again only it’s after the final and I have won. Standing in front of me are D, B and J(another one of my friend that was entered) I start by hugging J and saying "brilliant performance", then I hug B and say "you will win next time", then I turn to D. He looks upset but happy for me at the same time. I don’t say anything to him but give him a long hug. After that I’m standing on a ledge. I can’t see where I am because I’m looking down, but I’m still with D. A few seconds’ later two people come towards us from opposite directions. One of them I think is a teacher at my school and another girl who I used to fancy. The girl (C) tells us to follow her. We end up somewhere I don't know, but on my right is a long bar table. On the opposite side of the table is R(My best friend) C then starts speaking to D she says "Take this man", she then takes my hand "and marry me to him" I can feel her hand, it is small and cold. I remember feeling so happy, and the significance of Rbeing there is that he is normally completely anti-girl. He does not approve to flirting or anything like that but in this he doesn't seem to mind that I’m with C. Then I woke up.

Sorry if it is a bit long but I felt it was all relevent. Don't know why it had anything to do with Pokemon! I stopped liking that about 6 years ago. Please help!

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i want to know what this dream i keep on having all most everynight

there is this dream that i keep on having almost every night it starts at a party or some thing that haves a lot of people around. anyway, she always tells me to go and get her something in another room and when i come back she is seting on the couch holding her head. but the other dreams i don't know what happened to her i bank out and see her in a coffin staring at me. please help me figer out my dreams

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