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another damn spider

Well in this one the spider dosnt try get into my mouth, but the exact same spider is walking on the wall that is facing my bed and I am lying there, feels like I am actually awake and not dreaming... watching this spider walk, as it walks though with every step the spider gets bigger and bigger... and I went from being scared watching this thing to one second not being scared...feeling changed every second. It felt like the spider was watching me... which made me not so scared.. But I am petrified of spiders. I have a thatch roof in my room and it started walking on the thatch and I couldnt see it anymore...but it felt like i was dissapointed that I couldnt see it. This dream has confused me alot.. expecially all the feelings that I felt. I dont Know what to make of it. For some reason, I dream alot about spiders....And I have been since I was small, But they always seem to have the most meaning as they stay on my mind.

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Re: another damn spider

Your spider dreams are probably addressing your fear of spiders and also addressing something else. Walls are often barriers and the fact you seem to be awake and asleep and dreaming may allude to your fear of actual of spiders. The walls would be the barrier of getting past your fears.

But then there is the calming affect the spider has on you as it watches you. Spiders can be symbolic of the feminine power. The thatched roof could represent thought or understanding the power the feminine possesses {being female you may be confronted with how to manage or accept your inner feminine powers}. In your dream you are disappointed when you could not see the spider.

The dream could very well be about your fears of spiders and even a wish to accept the spider without fear. But I would give serious consideration to the feminine aspects, something about the power of the feminine. It could even represent a actual female who you see as powerful and accepting, and when out of sight you are disappointed.
What are your ideas about your feminine aspects? Do you utilize them or are you are afraid to do so in a manner that would empower you?


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