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choosing between two men

Last night I had a dream that I was asked out by this guy who I've known for years. The only thing is I really don't care for him much, but in my dream I actually considered going out with him. Later on a former crush of mine asked me out, and again I considered going out with him. After I told the first guy I had to chose between them he pushed me up against the wall behind him and passionately started making out with me. This went on for a very long time.

What does this mean? Do I secretly like the first guy? I'm so completely confused...

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Re: choosing between two men

No, I don't believe the dream is telling you any secrets about your love life 'per se'. The dream does seem to be addressing masculine aspects of your pysche.

It seems there is cause in your life to look back at your choices and wonder whether they were correct or not. I don't believe it really has to do with just choices of men in your life but other things as well. It may be more about how you make choices, whether you utilize your masculine instincts properly. One possible masculine trait is whether you make choices based on emotions or on true logic {I know it is impossible to make choices without emotional imput}. Are you the indecisive type person who questions a decision after you have made it? You may have to learn to make your choices less the heart and more out of logic.


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